September 2017Creme de la Chic: September 2017

Falling for Autumn


Hocus Pocus or IT?
Hot apple cider or mulled wine?
Oversized knit sweaters or cable-knit socks?

Bitter Candy apple, Hunter green, Chai Latte, Chestnut Oak, Burnt Blood Orange

To Do:
- cocoon myself in shapeless snuggie-like sweater dresses
- generously* light spiced cinnamon candles for mulled wine nights
- pick the perfect pumpkin a la Charlie brown & ambitiously attempt a homemade pie (or settle with pumpkin bread)
- get in touch with my Californian roots + hike...out-of-state/upstate

Currently sipping on an Earl Grey honey vanilla latte while watching bootleg Halloweentown. All that's missing are my man-repelling fleece socks and my hand-knit cable sweater from Scotland. It's pretty much Fall season. Listen, the second you spot a clique of 14-year olds in knitted beanies and juxtaposing cropped tops shamelessly snapping snapchat selfies with their quintessential PSL, you know it's Fall. Or Autumn. If you want to be fancy.

I can already smell that sticky maple scent wafting around from cinnamon candles lighting the post-feast hibernation modes to come. Honestly, I'm just ready to start cozying up and releasing my abandoned sweaters strategically stuffed suitcase. Maybe it's just me but I'm already daydreaming of making pumpkin-spiced pancakes drowned in Vermont maple syrup in my fluffy socks while watching the OG IT.