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-- it was pretty much the best Valentine's Day I've had -- 

-Treated myself by curling my hair to add a little pep to my step
-Picked up these Valentine's cards I made (in previous post) @ Fedex for some handmade, throwback V-day cards
-Bought 2 of these apparently delectable cupcakes according to my roommates from Sweet Generation on 8th and 1st 

-Rushed and took the L Uptown to 8 Av-14 st for (most likely) my last NYFW event I'll ever attend. Cannot say I'll miss it terribly.. It was this in the Samsung building and featured some virtual reality presentations for the collections. Had Costa Rica "Artesian" water in a silver bottle. Leave it to NYFW to sponsor some bougie, extra goodies like that. Felt like I was immersed in a Black Mirror episode with everyone glaze-eyed, glued to their screens. 

-Barely made it to class in time. The professor came 7 minutes late.. Go figure. Yes, I was wearing a thick, luxe navy cape a la AYR sample sale in my Nutrition and Health class. Got a few stares. 

-Met up with KeaLani at La Colombe. Girl drives me crazy but I love her. Drank a disappointingly lukewarm latte but then again good company >. 

-Arrived to my Style Gallatin tutorial led by my teacher friend and 2 of my other friends (total = 3 person course). Jac brought some overly sweet, hangover-inducing champagne that we shamelessly drank out of paper cups that helped wash down the meticulously sliced doughnuts. Chocolate doughnuts (...donuts?) are my kryptonite! Learned about subcultures in fashion, namely Japanese subcultures, Dick Hebdige's analyses on skinheads, teddy boys, hipsters and beats. 
(Hipsters and beats combined = today's modern version of "hipsters"). 
-Passed out some DIY arts and crafts handmade V-Day cards and Momofuku Milk Bar Klossies cookies

-Met up with Kelsey at the Bedford L stop and walked over to Greenpoint for some much-needed bar hopping. Honestly thought we might get mugged at one point because of the creepy impromptu way that GoogleMaps was taking us but still had fun exploring
-We came across some homey-looking, divey bars that we mentally noted for spring/summer bar escapades when liquor won't be a necessity to blanket us with the encouragement to adventure around 
-Saw an overly decorated, kitschy apartment adorned with Valentine's Day decor (hey, we only live one life why not get all crazy with decor even if its for a day, right?) & a blue 60's (probably stick-shift) car wedged between snow and parked in front of a red-brick warehouse building that transported us to another time. It honestly made me feel nostalgic for a time when I would've loved to live in...sans the inequality and overt racism, that is. 

-Warmed up inside Broken Land bar. Probably my favorite Greenpoint bar ATM. They had a "Cupid's Cocktail" that Kelsey liked but I thought was a little too sweet for my taste. I now realize I like Hot Toddy's. A lot. Moscow Mules are pretty good too, I guess. I got the Sidecar at Pencil Factory Bar right after. 

-Time's becoming a blur at this point. We drank 2 drinks at Broken Land, another drink at Pencil Factory Bar and now we're waiting for an Uber to take us to Surf Bar in Williamsburg. 

-I asked for the strongest, least sugar-y drink at Surf Bar. Ordered 2 Fogcutters. Damn, those are strong. Time for Pomme Frittes on Macdougal! 

-Somehow made it just in time for the L train, went to Pomme Frittes and got a S each with 2 sauces each (Pesto Mayo, Herbs & Cheese, Eggplant Parm Cheese?, and some other one). Drunkenly introduced myself to the 33-year old Filipino guy named JV who works there because I figured he'd be seeing a lot more of us. 

-No clue how we ended up walking up the 5-6 flights of stairs to Kelsey's apartment but I'm pretty sure the boost of not wanting our fries to get cold ignited a flame in our veins. We scarfed those down in record time while listening to "Cemeteries" on Spotify. Crashed on her pull-out couch like a bear. 


-I honestly don't know why I wake up so.damn.early. when I go out for drinks. But I woke up, wiping the sleep away from my eyes..including my dried out left contact lens. So, yes. I was blind for a good few hours while I zombie-like walked back to my apartment and picked up my dry cleaning, got groceries, all while chugging coconut water and pulling down my night-out attire. 

-Re-contemplated my life and decided a much-needed break from going out is necessary for my wallet and pretty much everything else. Surprisingly was very productive, cleaned my room, washed up, and made the most bomb breakfast sandwich ever. Napped while watching The Office in my clean bed. Honestly, nothing beats that feeling. Nothing.

So yeah, it was a pretty great Valentine's Day! 

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