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ONE: Dolce & Gabbana Sweater // TWO: Too Faced Perfect Flush Blush // THREE: La Perla Secret Story Bra // FOUR: Miu Miu Sweater // FIVE: Ariel Gordon Love Knot Ring // SIX: Chloé Love Story Eau Sensuelle // SEVEN: Chloé M Drew Bag // EIGHT: Dior Golden Shock Lipstick // NINE: Gianvito Rossi Flora Sandals 

Oh, A'mour.
There are 2 kinds of people in this world:

1. The Hopeless Heart-eyed Romantic
- Typical Friday nights consisting of binge-watching John Hughes or cheesy chick flicks with >30% on Rotten Tomatoes 
- Journalling professions of love and hypothetical rose-colored futures with that one stranger who opened the door for you at 1:53pm on March 23rd 
- Instantly glowing from the inside out when you stumble upon a hand-holding grandparent-couple
- Constantly re-imagining a sudden musical burst (think 500 Days of Summer post-hookup on Tom's end or La La Land...sans the actual ending) 
- That girl who shows interest too soon after a 1st date and sounds out their soon-to-be surname. 

2. The Cynical Dragon Lady
- Typical Friday nights consisting of binge-watching Charlie Kaufman or cheesy slasher flicks like My Bloody Valentine
- Journalling your existential crisis and how love is an overhyped conspiracy used to manipulate women and boost commercialism 
- Instantly glowing from the inside out when you stumble upon a drunken couple outside a divey bar at 2am obnoxiously arguing about not including more pics of the other on Instagram  
- Constantly re-imaging a utopia of self-sustaining women where men are biologically wired to procreate
- That girl who forgets their date's name and has never-ending lists of nameless numbers 

Whether you're wholeheartedly one or the other or even a hybrid, love is inescapable. So if you think love sucks, sorry kid. Tough love. It's a basic function of human nature and comes in all forms...In the form of your childhood bunny, freshly-cut garden roses, your inspiring mother, Porto's chocolate cake, and even your once glorified "soulmate". Some are amplified and ascribed with more importance than the other, housed in a special nook in your heart and lingering in your fuzzy memories (i.e. chocolate cake > "soulmate").

In either case, let February be a month of love. No, it doesn't have to necessarily entail finding a last-minute lover for a candle-lit dinner or even angrily reciting "Galentine's Day" poems on feminism. Many mistake Valentine's Day as this over-romanticized and over-hyped day to separate out the single ladies and men from those in relationships. My tip? Flash back to our innocently all-loving elementary school days when we spent hours writing only 30 names on our Rite-Aid mass-packaged Snoopy cards because our Trump-sized hands were too juvenile to write quickly enough. I guess I shouldn't have ironically included Trump in a message of love. Oh, well. Everyone deserves love. So spend February with an extra dedication to the theme of love. Whatever that means for you. Because you deserve it.  

Love always,

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