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Back in the Concrete Jungle, The Big Apple, Empire State of Mind...etc. & time to finally put on my big girl (higher-than-2-inches) heels. Call me melodramatic, but a sudden wave of finally becoming an adult is hitting me like an unexpected tsunami of craziness. Case in point: I'm turning 20..no longer in the 1's in terms of age--or technically a "teen". Okay, okay it's not until November but still. Plus, going on interviews is pretty much the tipping point of my teen years. Hello, investment staples and nervously triple-checking in the mirror if your A-line skirt is way below that school-code fingertip rule. 

So along with stocking up on luxe business cards that would make Patrick Bateman froth in anger and a versatile sleeveless blazer to withstand the soaking humidity in the underground subways, a watch is an absolute must. Rather than opting for the classic stainless steel or lavish leather watch, I decided to translate my transition to a progressively eco-friendly lifestyle with the little things. I might as well be a New Zealend/Switzerland native because I'm all about that cream-colored wood-design life. I'm already dreaming up nightstands and latte-colored succulent pots lining up the windows of my new apartment. So it only makes sense that I'd swoon over a watch-version. Pair that buttery-rich shade with rose-gold accents and a delicate circling of sparkling, Swarovski crystals and you have those minimalist, feminine aesthetics down-pat. 

Maybe it's just me, but I struggle finding trendy alternatives to eco-friendly, green products. Luckily, I can finally have my cake--and eat it too. Or in this case, substitute proverbial cake for a melange of wood choices---bamboo, maple, sandalwood, zebrawood (yup, that's a thing), ebony, purple heart, and rosewood. And here I was thinking there were only 3 different types of wood. Oh, and how charming is this personalized Jord wood box that it comes with?

What do you think of wood watches?

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