Free People sunnies / Dogeared necklace / Urban Outfitters bralette / Missguided top / LF shorts / Zara bag / Topshop flats

If you could look up one of the many eclectic synonyms that color my personality, you'd find: Californian at the top of the list. Case in point, this past weekend injected more SoCal pride in me--as if I'm not already brimming with West Coast Pride. Hey, it's a golden state of mind (sorry, just had to). Visting my aunt's Wisteria-Lane/90210-esque apartment in Long Beach complete with zebra-print rugs and black-and-white interior? Check. Spending approximately $2,000 on outdoors hiking gear in one visit? Check. Opting out of that 'Murican pride 4th of July BBQ and substituting it for Lemonade La? Check. Hiking up my backyard mountain for 2 hours & seeing the fireworks from there? Check. The list goes on. Oh, by the way, that insanely jaw-dropping checkout price was definitely not mine. As much as I love North Face and Patagonia (*sarcasm duly noted*), it was all for my little brother for his volunteer trip to THAILAND. Cue the little ginormous green monster in me. I swiftly skimmed his itinerary which casually consisted of hikes to Buddhist temples, a cuisine class to make pad thai (currently drooling), and the creme de la creme: an elephant ride. 

Being the proud big sister that I am, aside from a legion of infuriating, door-slamming moments, I'm jumping with sheer relief that my 6-foot brother will finally  chip away and break free from his shell. Hopefully he'll come back with a to-go box of Pad Thai as well. (My newly-transformed brother < Pad thai. Kidding). Anyways, I hope you all had an explosive Independence Day with the quintessential apple-pie and char-grilled burger meal! Or for the UK bloggers, hopefully it was just another relaxing weekend---unless you were Ed Sheeran in his British military ensemble at T-Swift's "swan-goals" party.  

Also, who else is in love with the off-shoulder trend? The second I saw these chubby-arm friendly tops adorning the walls of high street stores in the UK, I went a little haywire. Plus, it infuses a dose of risqué attitude to an otherwise camouflaged white top. P.S. I think I hit the jackpot of all flats. Sorry, Audrey Hepburn, but these strapping beauties are replacing the classic ballet-flats (for me, that is).

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