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After unearthing several hidden illustrations in my dropbox folder that went unloved and unpublished, I decided to finally let them see the light of day--on my blog, of course. I figured I might as well make it a series! Alas, the Créme de la Chic version of the proverbial "Lust List" that every blogger human being has fabricated whether it be on tangible paper or an e-wishlist. Listen, we all have those insanely, pocket-robbing purchases that leave us gasping for breath when we see a stranger donning the exact same item you've drooled over 1,000,000 times. It's like seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in real life---it'll make your knees all wobbly in paralyzing disbelief yet at the same time you just want to smother him in kisses and keep him forever. You probably think I'm an exact replica of one of those die-hard One-Directioners that maniacally bursts into hopeful tears while wearing an "RIP Zayn" shirt under my day clothes. Eh, close enough.

So here are my exclusively refined picks (so far) of my ever-expanding list that I'm lusting over if I was a New York City socialite that lived on Park Ave and popped Laduree macarons into my mouth like they were breath-mints. (a.k.a. if I was Blair Waldorf). Honestly, how could you go wrong with a slinky, delicate black bralette? Goodbye to that uncomfortable, devillish underwire that almost always induces ADD-akin fidgets and unwelcome bra bulges *cringe*. Hello to breathable, black lace that screams sexy even when tossed aside on your white faux-sheepskin rug. Pair it with a classic white tee to add a dosage of romantic lure to the neutral staple. Tip: Don't be seduced by one of those year-round Coachella-ready gals that pairs it with high-waisted anythings and nothing else.

Maybe my recent London escapade has rubbed off some of its British charm onto me but slap a Daniel Wellington classic B&W watch on me and spritz me with Jo Malone and I'm happy. Is it just me, or is anyone else way past that Marc Jacobs watch phase? The simpler the better and a black, androgynous leather watch is the perfect compliment to my monochromatic minimalist aesthetic (that was a mouthful). You know that proverbial saying that things are better left to the imagination? Whoever devised that probably walked into a Jo Malone brick-and-mortar and left with Blush Suede & peony or the Red Roses bath oil. You can't ever accurately depict a scent in its entirety because it'll be tainted with your signature. In this sartorial case, the perfect finishing touch to any look is the intangible yet self-assured presence of your signature scent--mine would definitely be floral-based.

For others, it might be shoes--the accoutrement that would win Miss Congeniality due to its boundless love for women of all shapes and sizes. For years, I've been eyeing these Rockstud Valentino pumps as if it was my frenemy. It might as well be, I mean come on, look at the heart-wrenching price tag that comes with it. You hate the price, but love the item. If only I could get "trapped" inside a shopping mall and spend the night having one of those cliché moments where I try on 80 different looks in a 360 degree mirror to a 90s throwback song...and leave with everything I tried on like I robbed the place. If only.

What's on your créme de la créme list?

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