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california donuts

CA donuts
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cereal donuts
cereal california donut

H-A-P-P-Y       N-A-T-I-O-N-A-L       D-O-N-U-T       D-A-Y!

Currently clicking away at my keyboard on plush, white blankets while staring out my balcony where I usually blog. RIP to my drenched outdoor chaise chair given the weirdly groggy days. Anyways, as promised, I give you--the glorious California donuts I mentioned in my earlier post. After Rachel & I soaked in some much-needed Vitamin D at the Amuse Society Pool Party Event this past Sunday, we decided to treat ourselves after some crave-worthy talk of CA donuts. For those of you who don't know CA Donuts (no shame, because I definitely didn't know either & I call myself a Californian *scoff*), they pretty much sell cereal-topped, instagram-perfect donuts for 24-hours. Yup, you can get your drunchies/munchies fix pretty much anytime of the day. But be warned: you may wait in a 30-person line and just miss out on the last 3 maple bacon donuts. Some people are serious about their donut game and drive 40 minutes for these perfectly-puffed pastries. 

Whether you spell them doughnuts or donuts or call them "dog nuts" like I do because I'm ridiculously weird sometimes all the time, you really can't go wrong with fried bread smothered in sugar and topped with Lucky Charms/Fruit Loops/Oreos/(mini) M&Ms/Fruity Pebbles..the list goes on! So basically if you're a human being and you had a childhood then you're bound to be immersed in sugary-sweet heaven. Oh, & for those of you who are major sweet tooth's there's a Snickers bar as a filling for a donut. Mhmm. As if one donut isn't going to stop your heart for a good second. 

In the words of my friend, "it's diabetes deliciousness". Even though I'm trying to eat healthier, it's important to splurge every now and then but not completely ruin everything you've worked for. Btw, this was DEFINITELY not all mine! That'd be insanity even for the massive sweet tooth that I have. Rachel & I shared it but I gave all of mine but one (the oreo-topped) to family & friends. Yes, even the ultra-adorable Panda donut that I wish I could get a plush-version of. 

P.S. Donut forget to hastily snatch a free donut from Krispy Kremes and Dunkin Donuts!

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