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summer beach outfit

Currently melting away in the scorching CA weather has become a norm in my daily routine these days. Wishing for sunny, west coast days composed of Thrifty mint-chip ice cream served on waffle cones and giving my toes a much-needed breather has definitely been fulfilled...to the max! Fortunately, I'm obsessed with spring/summer fashion so that means *drumroll please* a lavish amount of collage-making and outfit clippings that'll soon cloud over my entire digital and literal desktop. It actually looks like an arts-and-crafts kids festival gone totally haywire. Anyways, here's my roundup of my current moods lately: feeling blue!

& no, I'm not alluding to Picasso's blue period *cue the tears and rolls of Kleenex*. I'm talking about the seaside and more nautical aspects if you will. For those of you who follow my instagram (don't worry, I'm not going to suddenly start going from 0-100 on the self-promotion), you'll notice my "pink", Elle-Woods-approved obsession with the ultra feminine shade. I occassionally periodically get teased by my friends for my "pink filters" which I don't use--at all. It's called having pink objects in the shot, people! Okay, rant over. My point is, if a random stranger wanted to get to know me and asked the go-to "ice-breaking" question of "What's your favorite color?" it'd definitely be blue. So what better way to compliment the frosty shade with the sweltering season than with an outfit edit? Here are my favorite seaside, beachside, shoreside (whichever suits you best) picks. 

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