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Whoever said summer starts on June 21 is seriously disturbed (Legally Blonde reference, anyone?). They've obviously never visited California because despite the handful of days that mimicked the gloomy, melancholy weather of London, I've got California Girls- Katy Perry on blast & watermelon fever. Random fact: I could probably eat an entire watermelon a day without even noticing. Apparently, that's a "fad" diet but I honestly just eat so much because it's so.damn.good. Anyways, enough of my sidetracking as usual. To kick off my summer I had an exceptionally eventful weekend in SoCal terms. Case in point: a Ban.do pop-up event in Melrose on Saturday followed along by an Amuse Society pool party event on Sunday. But I'll take things one at a time with the ban.do event (honestly, you can't get any more LA and sunny CA than this).

If you're into Style Rookie-esque aesthetic vibes but with less introspective mumbo-jumbo that'll spark an overwhelming existential crisis and more illustrated doodles that are worthy of any Pinterest board, you'll 110% fall in love with ban.do. Nothing screams summer more than this girl-power brand---except ice cream by the beach. The second Jacky & I navigated our way towards "Pinches Tacos" (those of you native speakers will smirk at this translation), we pretty much figured out we arrived at our Google Maps destination. It looked like a unicorn had a hangover at the dance party of its life and threw up everywhere--but in the best way possible, of course. A hodgepodge of the brightest colored funfetti and equally kaleidoscopic balloons were sporadically smattered on the hardwood floor of the ultra-comfy house (if you can call it that). If that didn't inject you with an overdose of sheer summer happiness, I'm pretty sure the customized California Donuts heart-shaped emoji donuts would suck you right in. Jacky & I zealously scoured the perfectly gridded table with hawk eyes to pin down the cutest one and laughed to find the only blasé looking one isolated in the far end. Oh & for those of you wondering if california prickly pear cactus water is delish, I will testify that it definitely is. It's also rosé pink for those of you who drink with your eyes

Fast-forward to an overload of necessary picture-taking and getting all google-eyed at every corner of the scrupulously ornamented room, I had to mentally fight and hold myself back from letting my beast-like shopaholic come back with a vengeance on my debit card. I should really get a credit card and build credit like an adult (now that I kind of am one) but then again, do I have the self-restraint? That's the million-dollar question--literally.

So once we said au revoir and took some quintessential sunglass-wearing shots with our cactus water, we hit the road to Nasty Gal and then Alfred's Coffee in the Alley! A day of many firsts. Let me just say that I'm not an avid online shopper but when I do shop, I go NastyGal all the way. So when I finally arrived in the holy grail of online shops-turned-brick-and-mortar store, my heart semi-burst into oodles of happiness...BUT, it was insanely small...AND I found out that the dressing rooms are completely transparent! I left laughing to Jacky about how I could see everyone through the semi-opaque glass doors only to awkwardly giggle at her response that yes, she could see me too. Talk about Michael Foucault's Panoptican, retail-shopping version. *shudders*

Thankfully, Alfred's soy latte came to my rescue and comforted me back into tasteful bliss. I forgot to get the secret-menu waffle cone, so if you go, definitely try it out! The "But first, Coffee" signs just screamed Tumblr. I could just picture a long-legged LF-model/worker wearing retro shades and effortlessly drinking her iced latte next to the sign and getting 230,356 notes on Tumblr.  
Imagination aside, next on the blog: the Amuse Society event + probably the prettiest donuts you'll ever see. You "donut" want to miss it. (I sound like such a cheesy tv promoter)

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