June 2015Creme de la Chic: June 2015



After unearthing several hidden illustrations in my dropbox folder that went unloved and unpublished, I decided to finally let them see the light of day--on my blog, of course. I figured I might as well make it a series! Alas, the Créme de la Chic version of the proverbial "Lust List" that every blogger human being has fabricated whether it be on tangible paper or an e-wishlist. Listen, we all have those insanely, pocket-robbing purchases that leave us gasping for breath when we see a stranger donning the exact same item you've drooled over 1,000,000 times. It's like seeing Joseph Gordon-Levitt in real life---it'll make your knees all wobbly in paralyzing disbelief yet at the same time you just want to smother him in kisses and keep him forever. You probably think I'm an exact replica of one of those die-hard One-Directioners that maniacally bursts into hopeful tears while wearing an "RIP Zayn" shirt under my day clothes. Eh, close enough.

So here are my exclusively refined picks (so far) of my ever-expanding list that I'm lusting over if I was a New York City socialite that lived on Park Ave and popped Laduree macarons into my mouth like they were breath-mints. (a.k.a. if I was Blair Waldorf). Honestly, how could you go wrong with a slinky, delicate black bralette? Goodbye to that uncomfortable, devillish underwire that almost always induces ADD-akin fidgets and unwelcome bra bulges *cringe*. Hello to breathable, black lace that screams sexy even when tossed aside on your white faux-sheepskin rug. Pair it with a classic white tee to add a dosage of romantic lure to the neutral staple. Tip: Don't be seduced by one of those year-round Coachella-ready gals that pairs it with high-waisted anythings and nothing else.

Maybe my recent London escapade has rubbed off some of its British charm onto me but slap a Daniel Wellington classic B&W watch on me and spritz me with Jo Malone and I'm happy. Is it just me, or is anyone else way past that Marc Jacobs watch phase? The simpler the better and a black, androgynous leather watch is the perfect compliment to my monochromatic minimalist aesthetic (that was a mouthful). You know that proverbial saying that things are better left to the imagination? Whoever devised that probably walked into a Jo Malone brick-and-mortar and left with Blush Suede & peony or the Red Roses bath oil. You can't ever accurately depict a scent in its entirety because it'll be tainted with your signature. In this sartorial case, the perfect finishing touch to any look is the intangible yet self-assured presence of your signature scent--mine would definitely be floral-based.

For others, it might be shoes--the accoutrement that would win Miss Congeniality due to its boundless love for women of all shapes and sizes. For years, I've been eyeing these Rockstud Valentino pumps as if it was my frenemy. It might as well be, I mean come on, look at the heart-wrenching price tag that comes with it. You hate the price, but love the item. If only I could get "trapped" inside a shopping mall and spend the night having one of those cliché moments where I try on 80 different looks in a 360 degree mirror to a 90s throwback song...and leave with everything I tried on like I robbed the place. If only.

What's on your créme de la créme list?



free people dress
free people black dress
dogeared pearl necklace

 Free People dress / Pull & Bear bralette / Dogeared pearl necklace / Zara bucket bag / Marc Jacobs bracelet / Steve Madden shoes / Free People sunglasses / F21 ring

 Delving into retail shopping paradise with your credit-card bearing mom is pretty much a rite of passage. Except 9/10 times I usually trudge outside the immense glass-doors of every store with a looming disappointment after intensely whisking through a chock-full of racks. Hey, I may not be a picky eater but I'm a picky shopper. And I somehow manage to subconsciously scope out the most expensive garment in the store like I'm genetically predisposed to a heart-wrenching case of becoming a shopaholic with maxed out credit cards. Some of you uber-hip & stylish mavens can probably courageously enter a run-down, family-owned, second-hand store in Missouri and leave with a 1987 pret-a-porter Jean Paul Gaultier dress with complimentary Givenchy heels and vintage Prada sunnies for under $80. I would however, leave with a Kimchi Blue dress only to discover the neckline rimmed with old foundation that I was not wearing. You get the idea. So my best bet is to hit the holy grail of forgotten designer pieces camouflaged between polyester, mass-produced prints that bored housewives finger through at my local stores: TJ Maxx & Marshalls. Before I get shamed into the fashion blogger version of Hades complete with generously-studded, bleached denim cutoffs and "Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe" muscle tanks, hear me out.

Amongst the typical garments you'd find in the closet of a 60-year old Midwestern housewife who tends to her nursery and drinks wine coolers, you'll come across some diamonds in the rough. Case in point: a lavender Versace dress emblazoned with seafaring scrolls that was refreshingly retro and my Free People lace-trimmed dress. It may not be the little black dress according to Mademoiselle Chanel's terms but for the scorching summer heat waves and my increasing affinity for all things black and lace, it was my diamond. Plus, a surge of sheer euphoria hit me when I triumphantly left the store with the receipt clenched in my hand that read $16.99. Robbing the bank never felt so good.

To keep the look as delicate and frothy as the intimate dress, I opted for my ultimate staple: my beloved freshwater pearl necklace. I may love the symbolic connotations of a diamond but I'm more of a pearl gal. It also coincidentally paid homage to Gabrielle Chanel's fondness for the iridescent gemstone. Going along with her influence, the word simple became the dominant influence for my ensemble. Delicate dresses call for delicate accoutrements...but I stubbornly avoided her notorious saying of removing one accessory before leaving the house and stuck to my layering game. Sorry, Coco!



summer beach outfit

Currently melting away in the scorching CA weather has become a norm in my daily routine these days. Wishing for sunny, west coast days composed of Thrifty mint-chip ice cream served on waffle cones and giving my toes a much-needed breather has definitely been fulfilled...to the max! Fortunately, I'm obsessed with spring/summer fashion so that means *drumroll please* a lavish amount of collage-making and outfit clippings that'll soon cloud over my entire digital and literal desktop. It actually looks like an arts-and-crafts kids festival gone totally haywire. Anyways, here's my roundup of my current moods lately: feeling blue!

& no, I'm not alluding to Picasso's blue period *cue the tears and rolls of Kleenex*. I'm talking about the seaside and more nautical aspects if you will. For those of you who follow my instagram (don't worry, I'm not going to suddenly start going from 0-100 on the self-promotion), you'll notice my "pink", Elle-Woods-approved obsession with the ultra feminine shade. I occassionally periodically get teased by my friends for my "pink filters" which I don't use--at all. It's called having pink objects in the shot, people! Okay, rant over. My point is, if a random stranger wanted to get to know me and asked the go-to "ice-breaking" question of "What's your favorite color?" it'd definitely be blue. So what better way to compliment the frosty shade with the sweltering season than with an outfit edit? Here are my favorite seaside, beachside, shoreside (whichever suits you best) picks. 




shopbando stickers
shopbando pop up
shopbando agenda
heart emoji donuts
shopbando pop up
fries before guys
shopbando collage
shopbando watermelon bag

Whoever said summer starts on June 21 is seriously disturbed (Legally Blonde reference, anyone?). They've obviously never visited California because despite the handful of days that mimicked the gloomy, melancholy weather of London, I've got California Girls- Katy Perry on blast & watermelon fever. Random fact: I could probably eat an entire watermelon a day without even noticing. Apparently, that's a "fad" diet but I honestly just eat so much because it's so.damn.good. Anyways, enough of my sidetracking as usual. To kick off my summer I had an exceptionally eventful weekend in SoCal terms. Case in point: a Ban.do pop-up event in Melrose on Saturday followed along by an Amuse Society pool party event on Sunday. But I'll take things one at a time with the ban.do event (honestly, you can't get any more LA and sunny CA than this).

If you're into Style Rookie-esque aesthetic vibes but with less introspective mumbo-jumbo that'll spark an overwhelming existential crisis and more illustrated doodles that are worthy of any Pinterest board, you'll 110% fall in love with ban.do. Nothing screams summer more than this girl-power brand---except ice cream by the beach. The second Jacky & I navigated our way towards "Pinches Tacos" (those of you native speakers will smirk at this translation), we pretty much figured out we arrived at our Google Maps destination. It looked like a unicorn had a hangover at the dance party of its life and threw up everywhere--but in the best way possible, of course. A hodgepodge of the brightest colored funfetti and equally kaleidoscopic balloons were sporadically smattered on the hardwood floor of the ultra-comfy house (if you can call it that). If that didn't inject you with an overdose of sheer summer happiness, I'm pretty sure the customized California Donuts heart-shaped emoji donuts would suck you right in. Jacky & I zealously scoured the perfectly gridded table with hawk eyes to pin down the cutest one and laughed to find the only blasé looking one isolated in the far end. Oh & for those of you wondering if california prickly pear cactus water is delish, I will testify that it definitely is. It's also rosé pink for those of you who drink with your eyes

Fast-forward to an overload of necessary picture-taking and getting all google-eyed at every corner of the scrupulously ornamented room, I had to mentally fight and hold myself back from letting my beast-like shopaholic come back with a vengeance on my debit card. I should really get a credit card and build credit like an adult (now that I kind of am one) but then again, do I have the self-restraint? That's the million-dollar question--literally.

So once we said au revoir and took some quintessential sunglass-wearing shots with our cactus water, we hit the road to Nasty Gal and then Alfred's Coffee in the Alley! A day of many firsts. Let me just say that I'm not an avid online shopper but when I do shop, I go NastyGal all the way. So when I finally arrived in the holy grail of online shops-turned-brick-and-mortar store, my heart semi-burst into oodles of happiness...BUT, it was insanely small...AND I found out that the dressing rooms are completely transparent! I left laughing to Jacky about how I could see everyone through the semi-opaque glass doors only to awkwardly giggle at her response that yes, she could see me too. Talk about Michael Foucault's Panoptican, retail-shopping version. *shudders*

Thankfully, Alfred's soy latte came to my rescue and comforted me back into tasteful bliss. I forgot to get the secret-menu waffle cone, so if you go, definitely try it out! The "But first, Coffee" signs just screamed Tumblr. I could just picture a long-legged LF-model/worker wearing retro shades and effortlessly drinking her iced latte next to the sign and getting 230,356 notes on Tumblr.  
Imagination aside, next on the blog: the Amuse Society event + probably the prettiest donuts you'll ever see. You "donut" want to miss it. (I sound like such a cheesy tv promoter)