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You know those moments when you're casually hanging out with your amigas at your Central Perk-version of whatever go-to restaurant and that one friend orders the salad? For some reason, it's as if there's some unspoken attachment of pretentiousness or blandness that can arise just from ordering a stinkin' salad. People either think "Oh, she's eating trying to 'eat healthy'" as if it's some taboo. Case in point: the proverbial nerd that studies hard and gets laughed at for trying.
Maybe I'm just ranting because of my discomfort lately due to my lifestyle switch of trying to eat more clean and cut out meat. Don't get me wrong, my friends aren't one to scoff at me for opting for a veggie wrap or skipping out on midnight escapades to McDonalds after pub crawls, but it can definitely heighten this insecurity. Food is definitely a cerebral experience that can bond people and a culture together. But I'm starting to realize just how important it is in terms of rendezvous with friends. Bored? Let's go to that trendy pizza place on the corner of W23rd and 6th. Feeling hot? Let's get ice cream at Coldstones or Froyo! 

I recently read a post from one of the melange of fave bloggers I bookmark: WishWishWish: Hi I'm Carrie & I'm a Picky Eater. It's funny because her post is centered on this alarmingly hostile feedback she receives for eating burgers and fries during her trip to Tokyo. The backlash she gets is pretty similar to mine. When I'm at a fast-food chain restaurant like Cheesecake Factory or Olive Gardens, it feels as if there's this inherent rule that you have to order the cheesecake and chow down all of the unlimited bread-sticks. But I guess what I'm trying to get at, is that food is so.dang.personal. And I've learned that your lifestyle choice---whether that be a pescatarian, carnivore, vegan...etc---is 100% your decision and if there are some people who give you backlash, that's A-ok. If you want the dang salad, get the dang salad. 

P.S. Wish me luck today. I just arrived home from a grueling, test-worthy flight from LHR -> LAX (I watched SO many movies: American Sniper, Maze Runner, The Theory of Everything) and my fam decided to host a celebratory BBQ...& my family comes from Argentina so that means a belly-busting amount of beef.

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