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Nicole Lee bag // F21 ring + coat // Zara shirt // Joe jeans // Brooklyn Charm bracelet // Sam Edelman sandals // Unknown diamond necklace // Madewell bar necklace // Dogeared wishbone necklace

You know that one part in those cheesy, adventure movies when someone anxiously brushes off dust and dirt from a prehistoric book? That's basically what I felt when unearthing these ootd pics from my prehistoric Macbook (see what I did there? *wink*). I might as well add "Proficient at forgetting to publish blog posts" under my Special Skills section for LinkedIn.

These shots were taken by the lovely Lynn after our rendezvous to Bottega Louie for some proper LA brunchin' and coffee afterwards at Lincoln Cafe. I still dream (and drool) over those gushing eggs benedict stacked gingerly on top of a bed of hash browns at Louie. Not to mention the obligatory macarons in my third Laduree 6-piece box that I secretly still keep to store my overflowing miscellaneous trinkets. I'm a hoarder, I admit it. 

If you could describe the signature accent colors of my wardrobe, it'd hands-down be: black, white (the classics) and a splash of light rose. I could've just said "baby pink" but I like to be flamboyant with describing my colors. Cue the Project Runway clip of the pretentious "Blood orange" fabric Melissa chose. Anyways, this cotton candy-pink coat is proving to be one of my main staples in my armoire. I'd wear it more often but I'm not going to be known as "the girl who wears that pink coat" especially given my past record of donning head-to-toe pink in the 6th grade *shudders*. 

Oh & random news I thought I'd love to share that's *gasp* dare I say, changed my life? (maybe I'm being a bit too dramatic per usual). I've started to switch to a vegetarian/vegan diet lifestyle. I'm struggling to be vegan given the fact that most things have dairy but I'm not eating any meat. Why? For those who can stomach it, WATCH EARTHLINGS....but only if you want to. I don't like when people impose their values and ideals onto others because let's be honest, everyone's different and what you want to do with your life is completely up to you. But I really wish I watched this sooner because it's probably the most eye-opening film I've ever seen. I'm not one to bawl or shed a single tear when watching movies.  

Titanic? Nope. Fault in our stars? Hell no. Marley & Me? Maybe. Earthlings? Bring in the tissue boxes and a bucket for the hurricane of tears.

It covers everything from environmental issues to simply neutering your pets.  I'm also a sucker for documentaries & my amiga, Aubs recommended it to me (thanks girl) and an added bonus is that the beautiful Joaquin Phoenix is the narrator. So random but this reminds me. I saw a shirt at Nordstrom that said "Quinoa Phoenix". Look at it for yourself, here. WHO COMES UP WITH THIS STUFF? Back to Earthlings, caution: It's extremely graphic. You can watch it for free, aqui.
Hopefully to come: cruelty-free skincare and beauty product posts, vegan/vegetarian recipes, & more general well-being posts! 

Have you seen Earthlings?


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