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Rue Crémieux


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(Rue Crémieux de la Chic)? 

If there's any hidden road, anywhere, that's lined with miniature pastel apartments, you'll be sure to find me there dreaming for a slight, magical moment that I actually live there. Hey, a girl can dream. So when scoping out the winding streets on a cold Sunday to unearth this clandestine gem, I couldn't help but eek in sheer bliss and somewhat pretend the street name flows with my blog name. It was meant to be..

As is the case of most of my blog posts due to my unfaltering procrastination, this post belongs to my progressively accumulating flashback series (also, I'll find whatever excuse to relive my Parisian getaway). Despite the windy chills that dried up my sandpaper-hands (thanks, Winter) I found the most perfect vintage thrift store find in Paris! Who cares about those overly expensive copper Eiffel tower trinkets for €7 when you can leave with a Chanel-inspired hounds-tooth cardi for only---*drumroll please* €1! Fishing out a single coin in exchange for now-favorite cardigan was priceless. Not to mention, the tedious accomplishment of delving into a never ending pile of Urban Outfitters-esque items that would sell for $80. Think lamé fluorescent sweaters with tinsel lining and 90's chic windbreakers Bob Saget would most likely sport whilst skiing.

I actually ended up venturing to Portobello Road: the London equivalent of Rue Crémieux but way bigger & dispersed into a neighborhood amongst Notting Hill. After snapping trendy polaroids of sugary-sweet apartments that none other than Barbie would live in, I stumbled upon Keira Knightley's apartment from Love, Actually. She definitely chose the wrong side of the road because the houses on the other side looked like they came straight out of a Botanical Pinterest Board with picnic tables and lush vines tattooed on villa-like apartments. 

Portobello Road was the perfect getaway from the craziness of Spitalfields & our cramped seating while munching on Poppies. So London, I know. Fun Fact: steak fries = Poppies fries; shoestring fries = In-n-Out fries (you learn something new every day). Ending the day with a quintessential British shot in front of the iconic King's Cross Platform 9 3/4 before Kelsey left was undeniably worth the wait (amidst the awkwardness of being suggested to fight & curse spells on each other for our rushed photo-op.) Listen, when there's a nameless sea of faces in the most crowded station in London staring anxiously at you while belligerently shrieking " Avada Kedavra!!! ", it's logical to shyly opt for a more subtle dual pose. Kelsey donned a Slytherin scarf while I opted for the Harry-Potter go-to Gryffindor scarf (despite my Hufflepuff nature, darn you Pottermore), so I guess we had it coming. Oh, also I had to pose with Luna's wand as opposed to Voldemort's, which I really wanted, because I chose Gryffindor (you win some, you lose some).


  1. loving the color of the houses and your outfit.
    that was only 1 Euro? Omg where were you when I was in Paris? :D

    Lu | loulou

  2. This location is amazing! Lovely post<3

  3. It’s just an awesome post, as always! Can’t wait to see a new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. Obsessed with this location, the colours are just stunning! Love how your monochrome outfit contrasts too, perfect <3

    Andini xx | Adventures of an Anglophile

  5. Amazing photos :) You are great contrast for this photos :)
    Nice look!

  6. I hope one day you'll be able to live in your pastel wonderland <3 Beautiful photograhy by the way!

    She Will Be

  7. How gorgeous. I love all the colors everywhere. Portobello Road looks like a wonderful place to get some pretty photos.

    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  8. Imagine living in a place like that! So pretty.

  9. Amazing pics!


  10. Hello!

    I've only found your blog recently but I love your posts!
    Can't believe you found that cardi for only €1!! I live in Australia and even if you dug around op shops/vintage shops i HIGHLY doubt you'd be able to find something that cool!
    The houses in your photos looks so picturesque aswell! almost looks like a scene from edward scissorhands! (hopefully you understand that reference hahaha)


  11. Lovely post and even lovelier (if that's possible) pictures! :)

    x Korallia

  12. Beyond beautiful! I love your kicks - they look perfect with your outfit.

  13. Such a gorgeous setting! Love cute houses like this and your outfit is beaut Xx



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