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new look spring 2015
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Current status: unexplainably exhausted & sore thanks to my latest trek to wee ol' Scotland.

After agonizingly trudging down the unforgivably long tunnels of King's Cross/ St. Pancras once more, I'd like to think my trip to Scotland was equally grueling yet breathtaking--literally. Let's start at the beginning (with the main focus of this post, after all).
The New Look Spring/Summer 2015 Blogger Event at 7:45am in the morning = the perfect pick-me-up heaven for any blogger. Levels of retail shopping nirvana greeting me first with a profusion of pastel? Yes, please. I instantaneously plucked a lush, crisp white top with arm cutouts and a demure, black lace bralette as victims of my shopping rampage. Next on my list were some Triangl-Swimwear-inspired bikinis with tropical vibes perfect for my beachside trip to Santorini, Greece and Rome, Italy for Spring Break. I can just imagine all the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants + Lizzie McGuire references dreaming up in my jumbled mind.

As for this last photo of scrumptious morning pastries and salmon-cream cheese bagel bites? There's no way I could resist snapping a shot and devouring the greek yogurt topped with granola on the train ride to Scotland. (To-go please!). Let me just say that when I was referring to "breathtaking" I meant it. After rushing through King's Cross to snatch my duffel bags like a maniac running for the hills, I had to dash through jumbles of backpackers and tourists to St. Pancras only to realize we went to the wrong way. I'd like to think I was "fashionably late" but the beads of sweat generously rolling down my plump, scarlet face made me look anything but fashionable. Thanks Tony Skitt, for not leaving me stranded in London for the weekend. 

Back to Scotland:

Unfortunately, I left without achieving the quintessential Scottish must. What is that exactly? Well for me, it's gracefully channeling my inner Fabio on a galloping sheep across the greenery of Glen Coe while caressing a baby sheep while I don a kilt, serenading natives with my bagpipe skills (my professors would probably slander me for this run-on sentence). Oh, also the reason why I'm sore is because of my climb yesterday to King Arthur's Seat. Disclaimer: It's not an actual seat. If there was one, god knows I'd be sassily signing "Royals" by Lorde as everyone else gets blown away by the wind. Kidding. But honestly, I think I would've tumbled and rolled off the marshy green hills.

I don't even feel bad that I inhaled the Nevis butter shortbread cookies after all the exercise--especially the ceilidh (pronounced "Kelly" in a Southern accent, according to my narcissism). We went to this event where I awkwardly yet playfully did some Scottish, classical dancing. Thanks to  Anna for counting 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 to me aloud while we partner-danced! I couldn't help but cutely gawk in awe over the high-school Swedish students do-si-doeing with grandpas flaunting their traditional kilts. I'd gladly brush up on my nonexistent dancing skills for a first date if I lived in Edinburgh (pronounced Edin-BRUH--I had way too much fun saying that)

We also visited a Ben Nivers whiskey distillery and let me just add that whiskey = not my drink of choice---ever. Fun fact: whiskey is just distilled beer. Some of the handful of tips that the Ron-Swanson-esque tour guide told us was that you never describe whiskey as being "smooth"--it's actually an insult. Also, when whiskey tasting, you have to swish that "jew dew of life" all around your mouth (cue the involuntary gagging for us novices that prefer generic store beer).

Anyways, time to unwind and prepare myself for hours of uni classes & hopefully meet Victoria Beckham at the Bond Street location for class!


  1. It does look perfect! Those bags are adorable, and who doesn't love some good food

    Emma | With A City Dream

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I have an event on saturday, I´m so nervous hahaha I always enjoy so much time with other bloggers and talk about our experience and also, eat hahaha I eat a lot of sweets in the events!!



  4. Love the pastels in the new range! X

  5. Scotland is beautiful! Next time on your way to King's Arthur don't forget to pick up amazing cheesecakes from the little shop on Royal Mail. They have delicious products! I hope that you do not mind that I have added you to my bloglovin and twitter! Iga x


  6. pretty clothes and delicious food, sounds like a great day!! x Josune, Your Beauty Script
    ps: thanks for the lovely comment! :)


  7. The aesthetic of your blog is stunning! It looks so cool that you got to go!
    So jealous!! Anyway I am so happy that I found your blog!
    Cheers, Britt

  8. Ohh nothing screams spring like a good pastel. And this looks like a wonderful event!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  9. Sounds like U had a great time!! I enjoyed reading about your dancing story. I think your writing style is lovable. how I wish mine was like that too! P.S: new look is the bomb dot com


  10. So jealous! It sounds like you had a lot of fun!
    Elephant stories and more

    Ps. Uni will be over before you know it! :P

  11. I so want to visit Scotland! thanks for the tips


  12. So pretty! Love these photos.

  13. Omg, you're very lucky. I'm jealous :D and speaking of sisterhood of the traveling pants + Lizzie McGuire movies bring so much memories!! <3


  14. I could almost kneel down to have those purse 'cause it's so cute! ♥



  15. Oh my god. Your blog is sooo sweet :)
    Haha and I already saw the bags on another blog. They look so nice.

  16. love it <3

    wyprzedaż szafy :)

  17. That necklace is so gorgeous! The food looks really delicious!


  18. You have just an amazing blog, one of my favourites by far.

  19. Oooh so many lovely clothes and snacks <3

  20. Everything look so good and absolutely loving the pastel color bag (: x


  21. Such a great post dear. The photos are so pretty.
    Have a beautiful day.

  22. Very nice, honey ^_^

    I really liked your blog. I'm following you now =) Waiting for news :)

    With love, Nastya Deutsch ♥


  23. I really like that necklace, it looks so pretty! Hope you had a good time!

    Feathers || Ah! So Cute!

  24. Hey babe, how are you?
    Lovely blog, great post though, following you..
    I've only just started blogging.
    Visit me whenever you have time;


    Anyway have a good day!
    Kisses xXx

  25. Butter shortbread is absolutely delicious.
    And, now, I've learnt a lot about whiskey tasting. Very interesting indeed. I never knew any of that.

    Christina x
    Christina Campbell Hughes

  26. This sounds lovely and you have made me super hungry now! You recently commented on my post about the nude version of that bag, and now I think I'm a little bit more in love with the lavender one - so pretty!

    I really enjoy reading your post, they are so beautifully written and presented.

    Hannah x


  27. Your pictures are gorgeous. Scotland is on my list of places to visit. I definitely want to visit now that you described your experience visiting Ben Nivers whiskey distillery. Although I don't like whiskey, the idea of a Ron-Swanson-esque tour guide sounds intriguing. :D

    Sweet Helen Grace

  28. It’s awesome! I like this post and your style of writing, thank you for sharing!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

  29. Such pretty colours!
    I've climbed Arthurs Seat...that was an exhausting day!

  30. I'm kind of bummed that I don't have New Look where I live (in Estonia). Those pastel perfect garments look so pretty!
    Also, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)
    My blog: BOWTIE DIARY

  31. Everything looks so lovely! I wish I could go to a blogger event...

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  32. Lovely photos, the pastel colors are all so pretty! So cool, I hope you get to meet Victoria Beckham!

  33. Those bags are soo cute!!

    Love, Karina
    Check out my latest!


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