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Harrods afternoon tea


harrods afternoon tea
harrods afternoon tea
london afternoon tea

london tea scones

Belly-busting afternoon tea Part 2? But, of course.

After doing my habitual nodding and smiling during topics of conversation that tend to seem alien to me, I decided to look up what Harrods was. Yes, I really didn't know what Harrods was. Apparently according to a friend, Winnie the Pooh was created as a mascot for the owner of Harrod's for his son, Christopher Robin. (Yes, he's actually real--the human boy, that is). 

Anyways, after droning out to rave reviews of the oh-so esteemed Harrods, I knew I had to finally traverse to the palace-like department store a la tube...for some reason, I prefer the smelly, rat-infested, graffitti-stained subways in NYC. After quickly skimming around the Victoria Albert museum and automatically being magnetized towards the Wedding Dress exhibit, I met up with my fellow amiga and amigo, Anna and Jeremiah, Jeremy! 

If you guys don't know Harrods like me, no worries. I'll pretty much sum it up for you. It's like a tremendously titanic department store that has an eccentric Egyptian-themed area on one side and boasts rows and rows of luxury brands. Oh, and there's a Disney-themed cafe for tots on the same floor as the Georgian restaurant for afternoon tea. We happened to go through the designer selection for kids and I think I just touched my college tuition in the shape of a Dolce & Gabanna floral embroidered dress for 3-5 year olds. *cue the dramatic fainting*

To progressively build our appetite, we made a conscious effort to explore the eponymous food court that went on for miles. Right as we entered, Anna & I drooled over the aisles of Easter egg pastel and red velvet-sprinkled cupcakes and habitually whipped out our cameras. Don't even get me started on the pistachio cronut samples. I was tempted to change up my disguise to take every sample left like they do in Nickelodeon TV shows. Once we hit the grocery area and walked towards the lingering scent of chocolate wafting through the air, we hit the jackpot. Literally. There was an entire booth covered with overflowing chocolate gold coins the size of my head! Not to mention the miniature treasure chests, safe banks (filled with chocolate since it's equivalent to cash, in my eyes), and an Olympic-sized chocolate gold metal. If I were to win the Chocolate Olympics, I'd probably win the gold for being a female version of Michael Phelps in the chocolate river of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. #justkellythoughts

As for my quintessential afternoon tea experience as a predetermined "food blogger" to excuse my essential photo snapping prior to stuffing my face with finger sandwiches, I knew I had to voluntarily restrain myself from converting the £43 to $'s. (WARNING: PLEASE do not tell me in the comments below or I think I'll shrivel up and sustain myself off free curry from the Hare Krishnas for the rest of my life---pfft..like that's not already happening). As for black teas, I highly recommend Harrods Bari Imperial with a cube of brown sugar and splash of milk. Anna got the English Breakfast--a go-to classic you can't go wrong with and Jeremy got the famous No.18 Georgian blend. 

What were my favorite finger sandwiches? The cucumber and cream cheese was delightfully refreshing and so was the smoked salmon sandwich! Funny story: the Russian waitress we had mistook our word and brought back a fresh tray of finger sandwiches right after we devoured the first tray. It felt like déjà vu all over again but this time, I had to mentally unbutton my pants. I should've worn sweatpants but the Georgian dress code was pretty strict (I didn't get to wear my ol' reliable Roshrun Nike trainers). As for the scones, the clotted cream was disappointingly sub-par but the rose-petal jelly was beyond out-of-this-world. It felt like a blossoming garden in my mouth! Sounds weird, but it was magical. Just thinking about my Wednesday afternoon tea is making me feel as plump as a blueberry.

Next Afternoon tea adventure: Sketch! (It's like a tea room version of what the Grand Budapest Hotel looks like)


  1. This looks so yummy and looks like you had a lovely time! I really want to visit Sketch too, it looks incredible!


  2. Wow lovely post!! Fantastic ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  3. Great post!


  4. Ahh yum, these treats look delicious:)

  5. Sketch is awesome, hopefully you'll love! This looks pretty good too though. Have you tried the sanderson?! X

  6. The afternoon tea looks lovely I haven't actually had afternoon tea at Harrods but I do love going around and mainly being in shock at the ridiculously priced things! It does seem like another world in there!


  7. So delicate and pretty! I love it :)

  8. Amazing afternoon tea! Everything looks tasty! =)



  9. looks beautifull and delicious, great post! :) x Josune, Your Beauty Script


  10. Beautiful photographs! Sounds and looks so delicious. I'd love to treat my mum to an afternoon tea there :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  11. The pictures look so lovely! I've never had afternoon tea at harrods but it looks a-ma-zing! Might have to treat myself at some point... x


  12. This looks so tasty!

    Emma xx


  13. I love reading all of your England adventures. Your storytelling is hilarious! Sounds like an expensive outing, but everything looks so delicious!


  14. This looks so amazing and your pictures are gorgeous. I've heard of Harrod's before but never been! It's said that back in the day, you could purchase zoo animals there! That's how Christian the Lion came about. Anyways, afternoon tea is one of my favorite pastimes so I definitely have to make a trip to London for this sometime!

    xx freshfizzle

  15. Oh my this looks simply amazing! I really want to go!
    Rachel Coco

  16. It's looking delicious!


  17. Love all the delightful treats!

  18. Wow, that looks absolutely gorgeous. Definitely inspired me to organise a high tea with my girlfriends! xx


  19. these photos are making me so hungry!! beautiful blog, would love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)

    The Fashion Road

  20. Thanks for the follow lovely! I loved your blog so naturally I followed you back! Hope we stay in touch!

    x Korallia

  21. Amazing blog post... :D I think what you're doing is awesome.! Just keep up the great work, I'm a fan! :D :)

    xoxo Jealsea


  22. Darling, you blog is so beautiful! I’m impressed! Your photos and posts are amazing! I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

    Diana Cloudlet

  23. Ooh I've never had a classic afternoon tea! Your post makes me want to try it even more! I'm actually planning to have high tea for my birthday in May :)

  24. Omg! That looks amazing! I'm a die hard fan for afternoon tea.

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    Great post!
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  26. Hmmm everything look so yummy!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  27. My mouth is watering...

  28. The afternoon tea looks so good. You have taken lovely pictures x
    han // emandhan xo


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