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1. Okay. The hype over Valentines Day is as disappointing and angering as the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm almost as infuriated as the feminists popping a forehead vein in front of the opening nights for the pornographic film they call a steamy love drama. My roommate ended up being my valentines as we combined our beds together (so much more room for activities!) and chomped on dark chocolate coated Digestives and chugged our Rosé while watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Thank you Primark for our rose string lights which made our night look that much more Pinterest-y. We also got some pub food (chicken pot pie with mash) with our Spring break group which made my stomach happy.

2. Call me a "flaneur"--something I picked up in my uni reading--aka, I'm actually learning! After mindlessly wandering around in typical London rainy weather, we passed by some incredibly picturesque buildings and red-bricked flats! Oh, & we got to ride the London Eye! Check that off my bucketlist. Who knew it was 20 something pounds to ride it! Student discounts need to be a thing...everywhere. I think I'll make a campaign and start protesting outside SOAS while I get my free curry from the Hare Krishnas.

3. CEREAL KILLER CAFE. It's bloody delicious and it's so good, it kills. Alright, that's it for me and my punny lines. Got that all out of my system. What did I get? The Unicorn poop, obviously. Fluff, pastel pink cookie crumbles, and rice krispies? God knows that if my mom fed me this years ago, I'd become a fluff. I'd also recommend the Chocopotamus with it's own floating hippopotamus floating wafer (how cute!). I was so tempted not to channel my klepto and nab the Disney Princesses Limited Edition cereal box or the "Breakfast with Barbie" cereal box. I felt like a little kid ditching my field trip to Spitalfields quietly munching on cereal while watching 90's tv shows (Clarissa Explains It All) in a retro 80's inspired wallpaper kitchen.

4.  Getting my tourist mode on as I creepily gaze into isolated islands of bakery shops in Covent Garden. Even though this isn't exactly a London local patisserie or anything like that (it's Laduree, don't laugh at me), I couldn't resist drooling over the pastels and that delicious staircase. I just imagined myself living inside as I made a grand entrance down the stairs for my Cinderella moment and inelegantly stuffed as many macarons and bite-size pastries as I could into my mouth. Keepin it classy at all times. #KappaKlassy

5. I promised myself I wouldn't buy myself flowers but there's not really any point of dreaming a London boy would spontaneously pull out a bouquet of peonies from nowhere just for me. Obviously it wouldn't happen because it's not peony season--that's the only reason, after all (me being sarcastic, guys).

6. High Tea/ Afternoon Tea. Tea at the Ritz. For all of you who read my All Tea, No Shade post, you'll pretty much have an idea of how belly-busting but scrumdiddlyumptious my first encounter was. I'm still dreaming of those luscious scones...My next afternoon tea = at Harrods, Mad Hatter, or BB Bakery. I'm going to just stop there before London thinks there's an earthquake which is actually just my stomach rumbling like no other.


  1. Great pics!


  2. Ahh I love all of those pictures <3 That cereal looks delicious!

  3. Stunning photos xx


  4. Such lovely photos, I am very envious!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. oh my I totally love your photos! I've heard so much about how disappointed they were on the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. My sister who happened to love the book had agreed on all the reviews I've read. I'm not really a fan of that novel since I don't really read books. :)

    Rica | www.switbbydoll.com

  6. Spending Valentine's with your roomie and working your way through a packet of dark chocolate Digestives sounds like heaven! I spent mine watching an episode of Midsomer Murders and eating pizza haha :) Really beautiful photos by the way and that goes for every single one of your blog posts! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  7. lovely photos!

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  8. Love the Instagram posts dear! Just the inspiraling I need

    Thanks for stopping by

    My new post is up


  9. Gorgeous pictures!! So cute that you spent your vday with your roomie!

    be the plebeian

  10. Absolutely gorgeous photos!


    Chione XX

  11. You have such a pretty Instagram!! Love this post x


  12. Love, love and love all you Instagram pictures! <3



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