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fashion blogger tulips
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Man-repelling palazzo pants, borrowed Ikea fleece throws, salt & vinegar twirl crisps and a muffled buzz of Netflix streaming in the background. What more do you need in life? 
Oh, and the rainy gloomy nights when droplets splatter rhythmically like shooting stars across windows.

After a free-spirited night consisting of pub crawl hopping and impromptu but heavily-planned escapades by Oxfordians to clubs with new amigos and an old high school friend, I've been feeling like a lazy day is much overdue. My key word: Balance. Sometimes a night of carelessly jumping up and down to Cascada's Everytime We Touch at a gay club night called "Kandy" unthinkably and justifiably calls for droning out to my reliable lovers: Netflix and blogging. 

My night was undeniably cleansing in terms of just dancing and letting out all that pent-up stress over my 4 essays and 2 presentations due prior to my adventures to Paris soon (oui! oui!) So let me just break down some of my mental notes and thoughts on my night & my first encounter/judgement of the oh-so classy and posh Oxford: (BuzzFeed-esque style)

+ (On the coach bus over here): I should've brought my necessary & emergency go-to granola bars. I guess nibbling on these medically "tasty" Tums will have to do the trick. Oh god, nevermind.

+ (@ Oxford): NO! I've been craving some Chicken Tikka (I'm so London, I know--jk) and all of these Indian restaurants close at 4 & 5 pm! Why, Curry heavens!? I guess Domino's Buy 1, Get 1 Free will be good enough. Classic.

(@ Chequers Pub): Hm.. Should I go fancy or safe? Eh, I'll stick to a pint of my current favorite: cider + black. Ooo, yay for outdoor heaters!

+ (@Mitre Pub): Yes, I can proudly show you my ID (being legal >) Double shot of Malibu and a splash of passion fruit, please! Aloha. Oops, forgot I'm in an Oxford pub. Back to reality.

+ (in the line queue for Warehouse club): Time to ninja-like squeeze through this queue while getting my face physically smashed in between these tall-ass dudes.

+ (@ Warehouse): I love when the lights start flickering like that! Strobing? Strobeing? Whatever, time to dance my butt off like noone's watching. Ow, definitely got jabbed in the eyeball by Kat's elbow.

+ (in the queue for Plush club): Okay group of overly drunk uni kids, I know you're in Love with the Coco. Hmm...I wonder what my first gay club experience will be like? Definitely one of those things I need to try at least once. When in Rome--Oxford!

+ (@ Plush): Up to the booth we go! Definitely feeling this Taoi Cruz remix and the 1 pound Jaegerbombs. Let me just awkwardly laugh off this way too close-for-comfort guy peacocking his dance skills. I'd like to think my choice of words is clever. 
OMG! CASCADA!? Where have you been! Time for some last-minute dancing before I crash on my face in a deep hibernation.

I've never really been much of a club/pub person specifically because I'm not into that scene and I'd rather have a fun girls night in binge-watching Friends and stuffing Nutella-covered anything into my mouth. But I'm legal and dancing with friends to music that makes me channel my inner Britney Spears? Always. I'd like to hope my dancing is getting less cringey to watch but honestly, if I'm feeling the vibes I will break out my stanky leg with no regrets.


  1. Beautiful look and pictures! Loving these tulips! =D

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  2. Amazing photos dear!


  3. Love your coat and the flowers are so pretty!

  4. kelly, those are beautiful shots :)


  5. Tulips! Aaaaah! So beautiful :)

    Please check out my latest post, too. I'd love to hear what you'll say :)
    The Girl Behind the Pen

  6. Kelly these photographs are so incredibly gorgeous! I love the vibrant colours of the flowers and your jacket, also you have a beautiful smile! xoxo http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  7. Perfect pictures girl, and I love your coat! :)

    Isa M., Tic Tac Living

  8. Your photos are amazing and I love your outfit :)

    Sarah | Sarahanne14

  9. Lovely look! The shots are beautiful <3


  10. Beautiful flowers and pink coat! Lovely post as usual Xx


  11. love it


  12. I absolutely love the beautiful lilac shade of your coat.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Bloglovin’

  13. Obsessed with your pink coat. You look so chic!

  14. Oh, you can't be that man-repelling with palazzo pants...look how adorable you are!


  15. such a great way to match the dose of flowers with the outfit. Love it.

  16. so lovely colors, i am a flower lover too :)


  17. ahh loved this post! your outfit is beautiful and i love the writing(: I'm glad you had a good time here. it was so great to show an old friend my new life haha xoxo

  18. you look really pretty, I'd love to go around and wear flowers like a purse ^^ «stuffing Nutella-covered anything into my mouth.» is prolly one of the best things I can think to do xD

  19. Oh how I loved reading your thoughts from throughout your night, you are bringing my innner wanderlust straight up to the surface of my body, which I've been trying to contain for way too long now.


  20. Love tulips and this amazing coat!! ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  21. I am so in love with the colors in the post, the pictures are stunning and you are absolutely gorgeous!!! Everything about this post feels like Spring. Love!!

    xox, Maya Beth

  22. Beautiful coat & love the flowers <3

  23. oh I love your post! these flowers look amazing, just like you! amazing blog <3

    I would be grateful, if you could take a look at my blog :)

  24. So cool to discover your blog! I love your style and your photos here! Can't wait to see where you go with this :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  25. Your blog is so tumblr! Your header is effortlessly beautiful and your pictures are so thoughtful! Xxx I love the flower bouquet, what a selection of beautiful colours, they will look great on display :) so glad spring is here x Check out my new blog post! I'm in need of some followers, thank you! X http://xbeyoutifulx.blogspot.co.uk

  26. So great photos and love your pink coat.



  27. I love this outfit so much! ;A: And I love the photos you took~ ^^
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  28. Lovely outfit, and the color of that coat is to die for!

  29. Love the coat, what a gorgeous pink! Can't wait until it's winter in Australia so I can wear mine. xx



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