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Stressed spelled backwards is desserts

You know that question: "If you could eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?"
The answer is simple. Chocolate. 

Hey, it's scientifically proven that chocolate releases hormones that mimic what it feels to be head over heels swooning in love. 
But enough of my mini science-related rant--I'm sure most of us are done with anything related to science (prayers to our science majors and soon-to-be doctors). A much-craved trip to Bottega Louie's amidst its jaw-dropping, pocket-emptying parking costs is probably one of my most raved bakeries and eateries to go to. Sure, Laduree (the New York counterpart) may be incredibly austere and fit for a modern Marie Antoinette. But honestly, Louie's is more refreshing and not as dimly lit and stuffy as the design layout of Laduree in Soho. 

For those of you who read my last post Art in my Heart, an impromptu description of a petite lady clad in a flamboyant fur coat managed to stab her stilettos into my exposed toes--all for a lighthearted snap. This pretty much sums up how deliciously gorgeous the pastries are. Falling victim to a string of fatalities (mainly including jabbed toes and kindergarten-esque pushing) is pretty typical. Especially when it comes to the sea of crowds huddling over the rows of candy-colored macarons that boast a kaleidoscope of shades. Call it my (young) adult candy store. Let's face it, Louie's may showcase an instagram-worthy display of pastries, but the real money lies in the macarons. In spirit of the L.A. season of movies and red-carpeting shaming, the pastries might as well be a nominated supporting actress for the Golden Globes compared to the macarons which would be nominated for the Oscars.

Here's my lowdown and attempt to be a food critic on some noteworthy macarons: 

Speculoos: A hint of graham crackers and a nutty flavor. A dash of gold dust makes it even better--call it a graham cracker 2.0

Rose: I don't know about you, but I am a flower child at heart--so, rose is hands-down my favorite. It's light, sweet, and has that subtle touch of rosewater.

Violet Cassis: (Same as above) it feels like you're eating how flowers smell. It sounds so weird but it tastes like a garden of flowers are blossoming from your heart. 

Earl Grey: I'm a mixed tea & coffee lover. But when it comes to tea, my mom makes the best té con leche and Earl Grey is like a mini bite-sized piece of childhood heaven/throwback. 

So, you know how pretty much everyone has a bucket list? I do too. But...I also have a food bucket list. Let's just say I'm going to be taking way more trips to Louie's a.k.a. my goal is to try at least one of each of the pastries and macaron flavors. 
Goodbye skinny jeans, hello sweatpants.


  1. Living in France this year has meant that I am eating a lot more goodies! My favourite flavour is framboise <3

  2. yummy<3


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  3. OMG!! So delicious, I want these sweets! =D

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  4. My oh my these photos look jaw dropping. I wanna just gobble everything up now! Great post :) love the food critic portion hahaha


  5. OMG. I love the new look you've given to your blog! This is beautiful. :)

  6. Hey Kelly, amazing pictures in this post, I want to eat everyone! And I agree with you that I think Laduree in NYC is a little overrated. Earl Grey is one of my favorites!

    xoxo Nicole


  7. these treats look so yummy. although I'm not a big fan of candy, I love chocolate. xx

  8. These look amazing! Great post! BTW I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog! I'd love to see your answere


  9. OMG; so yummy, I'm dead. xD
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  10. You are making me so hungry! These treats look incredible!

  11. I am now craving for macarons and chocolates. I love your post. The photos are so great and it made me so hungry. Haha! Have a great weekend! :)

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  12. Wow, what an amazing display of treats! x

  13. Such nice treats, I love!

    Wishing you a lovely day x


  14. Your pics are amazing! And are making me extremely hungry for some macarons! By far my favourite things ever!


    sass xx

  15. awww so delicious pictures! yummy

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