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rings and tings


The Lust List:

White roses--the more, the better. Even though it's technically a fashion outlier when it comes to the typical list of accoutrements and apparel, a sprinkling of anything floral or a bursting bouquet of these blossoming beaus can really add a refreshing and lively twist to any outfit. 

Delicate, gold jewelry: I'm an absolute sucker and hoarder of anything gold. Sorry, silver lovers. I even have a Kate Spade bangle with "Good as Gold" wrapped around and encased in--gold. What a shocker, I know. 
My jewelry mantra is : The daintier, the better. 
It's all about evoking that Grace Kelly-esque feeling of being classy and timeless. (Take it from one Kelly to another) My implied superlative might as well be "Most Likely to Wear Layers of Gold". The trick is to avoid tackiness and camouflage a few inexpensive pieces with some more pricey--yet quality-- items.

Diptyque Candles: Honestly, if you're a woman that loves treating yo self and smelling a world of sheer deliciousness, you probably have way more candles than you can burn. Being a rebellious college student (not really), I snuck candles in every nook and cranny. Hey, when you live in NYC and you're still acclimating to the conventional stench of steamy garbage, a quick lighting of a mimosa candle is the cure and savior of your ill-treated nose. Also, they're super romantic which helps too. *ahem, Zack*

Coco Mademoiselle: Having interned at CHANEL with an embarrassingly lack of knowledge, I came to swoon over Gabrielle Chanel. Also, writing a mandatory 20-page paper on the company and her life story helped. The woman empowering Chanel suits, her heartening upbringing, her best-selling fragrance--need I say more? So if I can nab some liquid (rose) gold and don Gabrielle's favorite scent, why in the hell wouldn't I?

Now, back to my sudden obsession with experimenting in my sketchbook/travel diary for London while watching crime movies! 

What's on your Lust List?


  1. I love roses, and i absolutely adore how they smell! White and pink roses are my favourite! x


  2. In love with your photos! So chic and effortless! I feel you about the candles. Always sneak them into any type of dorm room! No shame!


  3. Such beautiful delicate pieces photographed so well! I love the necklace, I've been searching for something like this!


  4. Kelly you always take such gorgeous photos! Love the new lay-out as well! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  5. Great photos!


  6. I'm very glad you followed my blog, so I got the chance to find out about your blog. It's so beautiful, I love the photography!

    Migle, x Meet Me On The Balcony

  7. That Diptyque candle though xD I miss you! And as always, your post is great :)

    La Celestials

  8. OMG, your pictures are a dream, so beautiful... wonderful post. ^^
    New post is online, lovely greets Nessa

  9. Amazing photos, I'm in love! Your blog is perfection, thanks for stopping by :)


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