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Boyfriend Jeans + Peonies


Okay, so I'm gonna call some blog posts my "flashback series". I'm not one to post images that aren't necessarily up to date but hey, packing and coming to terms with the fact that I was leaving for Europe for the first time was kind of time-consuming! 

To be specific, I'm currently in London. There was this whole obsession over clearly stating that I'm not in the UK or England exactly but more London than anything--to avoid falling into touristy-traps where natives automatically smell the foreignness. Here are some things I've learned so far!

1. London is incredibly hard to navigate--yes, I'm not the sharpest with directions but the fact that there are random squiggles and sidestreets stemming off from the most remote areas is a tad bit difficult. 
(Oh, & rather than looking for poles that'll indicate a street name, look on the walls of buildings. I wish I was joking)

2. Cheers, thank you, please--all evoke that warm politeness (usually). But in the UK that's all typical and commonplace. Personally, I only use those words when I really mean them and it can lose its specialness when word vomiting it on the daily without a tinge of appreciation as a response. 

3. No one really carries an umbrella. Being an LA native and somewhat of a New Yorker (I'm getting there!), you'll see massive clumps of black umbrellas huddled together, jabbing unprotected passersby eyeballs. Excuse me, brollies*, are more for those cowardly tourists.

So what have I been up to lately?
After trekking across Heathrow airport and getting into a ridiculously adorable & oh-so British, black cab with my roomie, we finally made it to King's Cross and settled into our flat. Let me just add that I've lived in New York for the past 2 years or so, meaning I'm used to claustrophobic spaces--our room is snug. Yes, we get room cleaning services and it comes fully furnished, but our kitchen sink is the size of a medium bowl, our beds come set with prison-esque blue sheets and airport-esque pillows. But luckily we got a lovely window view--that's partly clouded by a neighboring building of financial workers that just love seeing our bright, shiny faces from 9-5 pm. 

After venturing around and opting for Primark vs. Argos, I had to haul a buttload of new bedsheets, pillows, and house slippers. Don't worry mom, I'm not retail shopping because I want to. For those of you that aren't familiar with these brands, Primark is like the Forever21 of London--except with way more home selections. Argos has these high-tech options of ordering items to add to your trolley(a.k.a. shopping cart), via ipad in store and picking up your items at the register. 

I also went to my first club/bar in London! That pompous feeling of sheer confidence when whipping out my California license was magical. I secretly wanted the bouncer to test me because I'm actually legal here! Time to purchase some Rosé, free of guilt.  Also, Zebrano > Be at 1 club.

Update: I finally got my iMessage working complete with a new UK number! Thank the Vodafone heavens! I think my overexcitement and relief proves how much society's addicted to technology...#sosad #imbasic #notreally

What's next? Time to munch on some authentic fish & chips, curry dishes, bangers & mash! Living far away from campus = traveling more and exercising that food off (my way of coping with my flat). Oh, & I need to use my oyster card (London version of a Metro card) to be a tourist and peruse London on a double-decker red bus!

P.S. Thanks to the boyfriend for taking such lovely snaps and being (incredibly) patient ! Oh, and for making me smile with unsavory but incredibly hilarious screams of certain words to get me to laugh. Let's just say if you've watched 500 Days of Summer, you'll know what I'm referring to.


  1. You look amazing in those boyfriends jeans.

  2. I am glad London is treating you well!

  3. You look amazing dear!


  4. Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing and the pink coat is so pretty!! <3

    I have a new post on my blog, would love to know your thoughts:

    * Electric Sunrise - Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *


  5. I love your boyfriend jeans- the detailing on them is really unique! I'm also incredibly jealous of your London adventures- including the small flat- part of the experience, I suppose.

    Props on the 500 Days of Summer reference! The P game is a great way to laugh! Have fun!


  6. Peonies have to be my favourite flowers! I love your pumps too, and they go so well with the pink. Hope you're enjoying London! x


  7. Pink and leopard? Genius <3 Moving out to an entirely different continent sounds so exciting!
    May you have happy happy days in Europe :)


  8. This blazer is so sweet, I love the color. And your heels add the perfect punch of personality!

  9. Loving your blazer and pumps! And omg that phone cover is awesome! :D

  10. I adore these photos s o much! The colours are so vibrant and your outfit is gorgeous x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  11. WoW! I very much love so bright combination! Love the combination pink jacket with jeans and leopard flats!)cool look!

    Have a Good Day!

  12. your jeans are gorgeous and that coat is in such a beautiful colour. I love London, such a charming city. hope you settle in well. xx

  13. WOW!! Gorgeous look! <3


  14. Even if the photos are flashbacks I still like them a lot! :D
    Hope you're having a great time exploring London! It's a city that has been on my travel bucket list! :)

    Cheers, (I really mean it! :P)

  15. i love your leopard print shoes! ❤️ anyway, enjoy the life in London! :)


  16. I'm going to relive my days studying in London through you, haha! Primark was one of our first stops after I got into my flat, I can't wait for the one in Boston to open! If I have one suggestion it's to just take as many photos as you can, of all the little things that you don't think are important now, but thinking back you'll want to remember. I took over 10,000 during the three months I was there (Yeah I'm just a little crazy, haha), but I still wish I had more. I hope you have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading more about your experience!


  17. Love the photos and outfit! Sounds like you're having such an adventure!


  18. So gorgeous! I'm so in love with your blog and outfit. <3 I love your blazer and phone case. It's so cute!

    x, shekinahjoy.com

  19. Love this outfit, feminine yet laid back xx



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