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Cue the frantic, last-minute escapades to the drugstore and the mental teeter-tottering of whether to bring that sequined top or ditch it. My mom may be a seasoned veteran when it comes to beating the international flight stress and packing merely minutes before a business trip to Brazil or Paris, but me? Not a chance. One of the oh-so many nouns I would admittedly (yet regrettably) associate myself with is: procrastinator, OCD freak with unnecessary lists, and hoarder. 

Okay, okay. You won't catch me hoarding even the last tissue I used (gross), but you'll find me keeping every little memoir of some random memory that doesn't need to be remembered. Case in point, my tutti-frutti-esque laptop case adorned with pinstripes that are reminiscent of the 60's. And I'm not talking about the retro, kitschy-chic wallpaper patterns. But underneath the neoprene is the memento of my dad's spontaneous gift which we rarely does. 

So whenever I pack--even if it's for a 2-day trip to Palm Springs, you'll see me helplessly limping to the car with a mountain of luggage bags. Yes, I am that person. With that said, I'm making an implicit pact to forcibly squeeze my entire life into one international bag--and a carry on. Maybe, I'm exaggerating but studying abroad and going to Europe for the first time, mind you, is going to require a lot of self-restraint.

Don't even get me started about the unpacking part. But enough of my persistent whining, I'm starting to mentally prepare myself of all the food I can get my hands on. Travelling = food tasting. Honestly, what better way to love a country than through my stomach? 

Up next on the list of things to do:
Understand the slang. Brolly = umbrella. Crisps= Chips. Chips = fries. Flat = Apartment. 
But I already knew that last one thanks to my addictive obsession with Misfits on Hulu. Ugh, Robert Sheehan's curls though. 

I think that was a good last sentence to end on, don't you think? 


  1. Aw lovely items! Are you going to UK? =)
    Oh by the way, I'm already following you on Instagram and I would love if you follow me too! =)

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  2. Have fun on your trip!! Your blog is beautiful!!


  3. Love Naked3 :) Great products!

  4. Oh my! Everything looks so darn cute! :)


  5. Happy packing!!! You'll have such a great time, and think... the stuff you can get across the pond is so cute anyways, I'm sure you'll have no issues replacing anything you may forget. xx


  6. thats a great way to pack up stuff !!
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3

  7. So cute!


  8. That picture is the cutest! Good luck on your UK adventures! I'm jealous of all the gorgeous British accents you'll get to experience!


  9. this is such an adorable layout! in love with the cat phone case! :)

    Metallic Paws

  10. <33333 amazing post!
    love it

  11. As it is beautiful! Recently the print in peas, pink, gold, white is my obsession) fine things)
    Have a nice day!
    will be happy to see you on my blog) I will be glad to follow each over if you want, let me know please!))

  12. Always bring the sequin top. :) I'm sure your suitcase looks adorable inside and out!
    Randi | Randi with an i

  13. Great post. x


  14. Have a great trip! Whereabouts in Europe are you going? I love the picture - it looks like something from polyvore! So pretty 😍

    Lots of love, anna x


  15. I am that person too. I always over-pack, re-pack, forget things, add unnecessary things, take things out... Add snacks, add a magazine, a tablet, phone chargers...
    Welp. Lovely post and photo too!

    Jenny - jnylng.com


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