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 As is the case with pretty much every Winter break, there's a frantic, ADD-inducing buzz that sparks a lot of anxiety--maybe it's just me. Case in point: the Pinterest overload of DIY christmas gift wrapping and dessert making that almost always fails..(Pinterest Fails on Buzzfeed, anyone?) On top of that is the Black-Friday-esque shopping that makes traffic in California even more congested than usual.

But for me, the ultimate cure is undeniably the endless marathon of cheesy, christmas movies a la ABC Family. Sadly and heart-breakingly, my mom downgraded to the most basic tv channel package (not as in basic betch status) which doesn't even include TBS or TLC--aka the channels that feed my guilty couch potato addiction.

So to take my mind off my childhood, sappy, winter wonderland christmas movies, I opted to focus on decorating cookies like I was featuring in a Food Network/ Cupcake Wars episode for $50,000. (Thank the DirectTV heavens for at least including Food Network)

Every family has their own unique traditions. For me, it's baking and decorating christmas cookies.  Bless my mom's heart for dealing with the annual insanity of casually whipping out hundreds of sugar cookies from scratch along with the icing and frosting. I'd like to think our kitchen's a miniature Christmas workshop at the North Pole.

Every year, I normally go into cookie-decorating mode and mindlessly reach for any of the frosting and generously dash whichever sprinkles bottle is near me. So rather than going with my kindergarten-mindset, I attempted to artistically refine my decorating with a Pastel Winter Wonderland dream palette (Yes, I did just make that name up on the spot). Martha Stewart would be proud. 

So even though it's a sweltering 72 degrees outside on a crystal clear day, I'll blast my 103.5 FM Christmas station while donning my "ugly" Christmas sweater cardigan complete with my hat-wearing snowman beanie that any Grandmother would approve of.

What are some of your holiday traditions?


  1. can not believe how good these look! soo pretty xx


  2. I love baking cookies also. I usually spend my whole Christmas Eve baking with my family. Yours came out so well!

  3. oh.my.gosh. kelly, these cookies are totally worthy of a spread in food network magazine, no joke - they are stunning!(:

  4. Yum..cute cookies!

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  5. This is so lovely! I love the pastel and sweet shades here ;). Look at the little pearls! So precious ;). xx
    Maeva Trend-Mae

  6. Oh my gosh, these cookies look amazing! You decorated them literally perfectly <3

  7. Those cookies look so darling. I am loving the decoration on them as well. Great post. Happy Holidays

  8. They look delicious! So well decorated xx

  9. Have a very merry holiday! Love these cookies. So festive and delicious!

  10. Oh my gosh these look really good!!! And the heart-shaped ones are soooo femininely pretty! Haha! Merry Christmas, Kelly :)

    Joanna | The Wunderkind

  11. so nice! you made those yourself? so nice!
    I can't even do simple decoration on my gingerbread man! haha

    Cheers! Merry Christmas!
    I'm 25 already!!

  12. these are so, so sweet!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc.com

  13. Those cookies are super sweet :)


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