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Christmas Wrapping


Yes. I did just finish Christmas wrapping. For some reason, I've been a Christmas procrastinator lately. You know that song"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"? That's the complete antithesis of my christmas mood status if there was such a thing as one. It could be the fact that it's a smoldering hot 75 degrees (time to break out the flip-flops--not even joking). Or the fact that I'm growing older. *Cue the flashbulb memories of elementary years and the tear-version of a slow clap where I spazzticly burst into tears* 

So I've been trying to prolong Christmas because it's hitting me way too soon. But there's just one thing. Christmas is tomorrow. So after coming to terms with reality and mindlessly watching ABC Family movies on Netflix (this is what my life has come to--as explained in my previous post), I've assembled my trusty DIY kit.

Like my christmas cookies, I channeled my inner Pablo Picasso and stuck with a theme: Au natural. Funny story. During one of my habitual escapades to my treasured trio stores: Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Marshalls, I spotted some thread at the corner of my eye. After swiftly grabbing it and thinking some random customer lazily abandoned it in the cooking section, I realized it was cooking twine. *face palm*. But, being more conscious of overconsumption when it comes to the holidays, it ended up pleasantly working out. On that eco-friendly-ish note, I decided to repurpose my ginormous, emblazoned christmas tree by adding some lush touches of greenery as accoutrements to my gift boxes! 

(Side note: the cranberries are as fake as the photoshopped Britney on Women's Health mag--why mess with the amazingness that is Britney Spears? But that's a totally different post altogether so I'll stop this erratic tangent)

Another eco-friendly tip: recycle old parchment paper and grab some white paint and a generic #2 pencil (which all of us probably have unnecessarily superfluous amounts of from our school years). Use the eraser butt of the pencil and dab some white paint on it. Then add polka dots to add some whimsy and retro flair. It's a quick fix and personally a much more minimalist yet chic touch compared to the cringe-worthy, tacky wrapping paper with every christmas color spontaneously splashed on.

Oh and one more thing...
Merry Christmas and  Happy Holidays!



 As is the case with pretty much every Winter break, there's a frantic, ADD-inducing buzz that sparks a lot of anxiety--maybe it's just me. Case in point: the Pinterest overload of DIY christmas gift wrapping and dessert making that almost always fails..(Pinterest Fails on Buzzfeed, anyone?) On top of that is the Black-Friday-esque shopping that makes traffic in California even more congested than usual.

But for me, the ultimate cure is undeniably the endless marathon of cheesy, christmas movies a la ABC Family. Sadly and heart-breakingly, my mom downgraded to the most basic tv channel package (not as in basic betch status) which doesn't even include TBS or TLC--aka the channels that feed my guilty couch potato addiction.

So to take my mind off my childhood, sappy, winter wonderland christmas movies, I opted to focus on decorating cookies like I was featuring in a Food Network/ Cupcake Wars episode for $50,000. (Thank the DirectTV heavens for at least including Food Network)

Every family has their own unique traditions. For me, it's baking and decorating christmas cookies.  Bless my mom's heart for dealing with the annual insanity of casually whipping out hundreds of sugar cookies from scratch along with the icing and frosting. I'd like to think our kitchen's a miniature Christmas workshop at the North Pole.

Every year, I normally go into cookie-decorating mode and mindlessly reach for any of the frosting and generously dash whichever sprinkles bottle is near me. So rather than going with my kindergarten-mindset, I attempted to artistically refine my decorating with a Pastel Winter Wonderland dream palette (Yes, I did just make that name up on the spot). Martha Stewart would be proud. 

So even though it's a sweltering 72 degrees outside on a crystal clear day, I'll blast my 103.5 FM Christmas station while donning my "ugly" Christmas sweater cardigan complete with my hat-wearing snowman beanie that any Grandmother would approve of.

What are some of your holiday traditions?



Listen, we all have the ultra chic friend that might as well be secret best friends with the Olsen twins. They can essentially stroll into those wine-sipping, eye-glass wearing gallery openings and camouflage right in. So when it comes to scoping stores for the perfect gift, basics and minimalist luxe is the name of the game. Think contemporary staples such as a classic, camel cape and a leather drawstring knapsack. Heather grey chunky knit beanies can add an intriguing layer of texture or  faux fur earmuffs can do the trick as well.

Feeling iffy about the sizing? No worries. For those of us that don't want to awkwardly ask our friends for sizes or even worse--risk it by guessing, accessories and beauty products are the trustworthy go-to's. After all, what modern girl can't say no to another nude shade of polish or a scrumptious diptyque candle to sprinkle in her apartment? Potted succulents can also add a lively touch of greenery to that New York apartment especially on those gloomy, winter days.


For those of us that proudly call ourselves couch potatoes (probably 99% of us--including me), a relaxing night in, lounging around in our plush, kid-approved slippers and buttery soft pjs is the closest thing to heaven. Chunky, hand-knit oatmeal knits and matching hot chocolate mug cozies? Yes, please! 

If you're also one of those couch potatoes that insists on donning a liberating bandeau to let your girls breathe, opt for a demure, Eberjey lace version. Hey, if we're going to be completely lazy and channel our inner spirit animal (the sloth, of course), then we should at least look good, am I right? 

To complete your lazy day of treating yourself along with Netflix binge watching and chocolate covered strawberries (or anything smothered in chocolate, really) an essential skin care ritual is a must. A velvety, honey mask from Fresh while lathering in Philosophy's cinnamon-icing-scented lotion are flawless additions to your usual spa day routine.

P.S. If you don't look like a man-repelling monster conveying Michael from Halloween when doing a face mask, you're doing it all wrong.


Whether it's your incredibly cool cousin or your world-trotting college roommate, finding the time to get a gift for her busy lifestyle can be as tiresome as international jetlag. Luckily, I'll give you the ultimate lowdown. Case in point: I'd like to think of myself as a novice-turned semi-pro when it comes to packing every 4 months from JFK to LAX. A mix of a tetris-like eye and a nomadic way of thinking when it comes to packing just the essentials is key. 

So to harmoniously compliment the wanderlust way of life, go for breezy, pastel pink sweatpants that put the typical grey sweats to shame. Think of it as an upgrade that levels between the comfort of 8am lecture sweats to work-appropriate trousers for that dream, editorial job.

Effortlessly chic, rubber soled chain booties are perfect for last-minute escapades to Paris, rushing through security. Need some ideas for quick, beauty fixes to erase away those red-eyes? Purchase some travel-sized goodies that your giftee can reach in a trusty Sole Society, braided Weekender bag. To top it all off, a travel-sized Mac face spray will undeniably be a foolproof addition for eradicating restless skin.
Getting a present for your best friend can either be the hardest or the easiest challenge to check off on your Christmas checklist. Here are some sure-fire ideas to pick and choose from while you focus on personalizing a necessary 30-page long, tear-inducing card complete with inside jokes and heart doodles. 

Winter holidays are synonymous with hot chocolate mix and comfy socks--specifically those that are adorned with a beanie-wearing cat with eyeglasses and a mustache. If your best amiga's a #1 fan of the cat-over-dogs club, go for a suede, gold-embossed clutch that's perfect for all the holiday parties to come. 

Want a more blatant demonstration of the love you have for your sister from another mister? A Brandy-Melville inspired "Love you more" sign for your best friend's college dorm can be a lovely reminder and pick-me-up when you're miles away. For a more subtle effect, opt for a delicate, gold heart necklace from Dogeared.

What gifts are you going to get for your Christmas shopping escapades?