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One word to describe me: (Fashionably) late  lazy. 

Rewind back a month and you'll come across my shameful procrastinator-self roaming around my house at 2pm feeling a wave of sheer boredom drown out any association with the foreign word "fun". As per tradition with every summer, it started off seemingly lackluster because of my much-too enthusiastic summer bucket list that led to my downfall of Netflix marathons. There might as well be an Intervention episode dedicated purely on how I addictively wrap-up an infinite number of  seasons. 

So now that summer is heart-wrenchingly tumbling to a close, I'm pretty much desperately wringing out all the energy I have left over in overeagerly sharpie-ing out my tattered bucket list. Curious to know the exclusive, hand-picked activities? 

1. OC Fair
2. Bottega Louie's 
3. Cabo San Lucas
4. Catalina Island
5. Santa Monica Pier

My latest adventure? The OC Fair.
After flight-like hours of emblematic LA traffic that led to cuss-inducing, lane-cutting drivers, I finally arrived in fair haven. An overload of senses is definitely a side effect of roaming around the radiantly lit booths emblazoned in color-saturated plush prizes. Call me Agnes from Despicable Me because after eyeing that derpy-looking unicorn, the gamer in me was activated. Luckily, I surprisingly nabbed my long-awaited prize but only after several attempts and a random surprise win that composed of everything I didn't want: a Salad-Finger-esque zombie (*cringe). Note to readers: Make sure to try the gigantic doughnut! Don't get me wrong, eating at a fair is a full-commitment--the Disneyland-akin prices, the unescapable BBQ smoke lingering rides away, the heart-attack inducing fried foods. But if you're going to rebelliously point a middle finger to your salad-eating "Beach bod" diet, the doughnut is definitely the way to go. 

Continuing on this sugary note, my venture to Bottega Louie's was undeniably sweet. Call me the Queen B a.k.a. Blair Waldorf for this post, because a lush bubble bath while stuffing my face with macaroons from the East-Coast equivalent, Laduree, with bouquets of peonies sounds like a slice of royal paradise (disclaimer: these nonstop references to Gossip Girl are starting to become habitual). For all you visual learners out there, check out my instagram (@cremedelachic) to see my bittersweet love affair with macaroons. 

Want to know what's coming next on my blog? 
(Drumroll please!)
Back to School trends & must-haves. 

I hope you all enjoy my latest design switch to a more editorial effect--fingers crossed! What can I say? The novice graphic designer in me sparked a Typography/Layout-loving obsession in me. Let me know what you think in the comments below!


  1. Love your outfit!! <3
    cant wait for your next post ;)


  2. You look amazing:) Perfect outfit:)

  3. absolutely love your outfit!


  4. this look is sweet and cute!

  5. Love ur dress..looking cute :)

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  6. I love the print, it is so so beautiful . You look gorgeous.xx

  7. This post is so dreamy! I love the color and the flowers fit your outfit perfectly :)

    The Girl Behind the Pen

  8. hello great post, you are very pretty in the pictures, your hair is fabulous, that envy !! and I love the set and colorful too. Do you think if we keep looking? kisses :)


  9. Gorgeous photos and outfit


  10. Wow I'd love to come to LA... There are so many activities and exciting things to do or discover. I must say that I always love reading your posts and your blog. Your photographs are so beautiful... Also love the layouts! So beautiful! xx
    With love from Paris


  11. Such a pretty romper! I love the floral print! You look beautiful!


  12. Beautiful job! I just love this romper and you styled it perfectly with these rings. Such a flattering look on you!

  13. Beautiful outfit, love your rings x


  14. In loveeee with your outfit and your photo editing keeps on getting better and better!
    I have a new post up about my trip to NY and would love to hear your thoughts since you live there!
    Have a lovely day!

  15. ur outfit is so cute
    u're so pretty

  16. beautiful post and lovely details :) new to your blog !

    -Ally Gong


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