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NYFW is (unsurprisingly) brimming the minds of fashion aficionados galore. So for those of you who are returning Fashion Week veterans or novice newcomers to the tweet-worthy shows to come, I've gratefully been given the opportunity to grant invites! What better way to brighten the dreaded back-to-school season than 2 Adidas Neo label tickets featuring (*drumroll please*) the Disney-turned luminary Selena Gomez?

Not to mention this is THE world's first tweet powered show! Every aspect of the #NEOrunway show (you're gonna want to tweet that right about now) is created entirely by teens for teens! Who run the world? TEEN girls--to be specific.

And for those of you jadedly tapping your freshly-manicured nails for a generous dose of BTS style, don't worry. The show will surely cure your sartorial hangover with the hallway strut-inducing Fall/Winter 2014 collection. We'll love it like a love song, baby.

Now let's get back to some mandatory fan-crazed obsession over the ultrachic eye candy of Jbiebs in her effortless tomboy ensembles to come.


Make the grade in acing your bohemian side by layering lightweight lace pieces. (Try saying that three times). Your fashion extracurriculars? Stacking vintage rings like a Free People pro and acting out a lifelong role as a wanderlust traveler freely roaming the festival deserts. Stressing out during finals? Not likely. Your relaxed, go-with-the-flow personality is as natural as your color palette of earthy tones. Reach for a generous overdose of accouterments when it comes to accessorizing such as a basic fringe-braided suede knapsack and a cascading coin necklace to sprinkle movement while you travel to and from classrooms. 

Strengthen your fashion skills by opting for vibrant punches of color. Don't run away from flamboyant prints! Listen, we all know the ubiquitous neon shoe trend pervading the streets on and off the courts. So step up your game and dare to dabble in watercolor-effect jogger shorts and a breathable mesh detail windbreaker. Finish off your sartorial winning streak by clasping on a dainty, double-layered coin necklace with glimmers of sparkle to resemble your shining moments of attaining medals (and soon-to-be Olympic gold medals). After all, being MVP of the fashion game is another title to add to your never-ending list of wins. 

Pass the class in flying colors--of all shades pink, that is. Ditch the cinema cliché of cookie-cutter cheerleader or princess drama queen when it comes to your color of choice. Revamp pink's stereotype with frothy chiffon trousers and flower bouquet rimmed sunnies that are a nod to a saccharine sweet look. Your uniform of all things pink may be soft and princess-esque but your daring personality is anything but. Just call yourself a modern day Molly-Ringwald-slash-Elle-Woods.

The quote "Only great minds can afford a simple style" is as black and white as your style. Ditch the fuss of over mixing pattern play with sleek and minimalistic bits and baubles. Take note: a demure jet-black lace bralette paired with a crisp white tee as a statement piece. We've all been victims of the tyrannical rule banning all cellphones in classrooms. Case in point: it may be hard to cunningly stash away your eye-catching grid-patterned case in Calculus class (pun intended). To elevate your modus operandi of style akin to normcore, experiment with a croc-embossed wallet or a buttery leather backpack to swiftly stash your art pencils and moleskine notebooks during those TGIF moments. 



One word to describe me: (Fashionably) late  lazy. 

Rewind back a month and you'll come across my shameful procrastinator-self roaming around my house at 2pm feeling a wave of sheer boredom drown out any association with the foreign word "fun". As per tradition with every summer, it started off seemingly lackluster because of my much-too enthusiastic summer bucket list that led to my downfall of Netflix marathons. There might as well be an Intervention episode dedicated purely on how I addictively wrap-up an infinite number of  seasons. 

So now that summer is heart-wrenchingly tumbling to a close, I'm pretty much desperately wringing out all the energy I have left over in overeagerly sharpie-ing out my tattered bucket list. Curious to know the exclusive, hand-picked activities? 

1. OC Fair
2. Bottega Louie's 
3. Cabo San Lucas
4. Catalina Island
5. Santa Monica Pier

My latest adventure? The OC Fair.
After flight-like hours of emblematic LA traffic that led to cuss-inducing, lane-cutting drivers, I finally arrived in fair haven. An overload of senses is definitely a side effect of roaming around the radiantly lit booths emblazoned in color-saturated plush prizes. Call me Agnes from Despicable Me because after eyeing that derpy-looking unicorn, the gamer in me was activated. Luckily, I surprisingly nabbed my long-awaited prize but only after several attempts and a random surprise win that composed of everything I didn't want: a Salad-Finger-esque zombie (*cringe). Note to readers: Make sure to try the gigantic doughnut! Don't get me wrong, eating at a fair is a full-commitment--the Disneyland-akin prices, the unescapable BBQ smoke lingering rides away, the heart-attack inducing fried foods. But if you're going to rebelliously point a middle finger to your salad-eating "Beach bod" diet, the doughnut is definitely the way to go. 

Continuing on this sugary note, my venture to Bottega Louie's was undeniably sweet. Call me the Queen B a.k.a. Blair Waldorf for this post, because a lush bubble bath while stuffing my face with macaroons from the East-Coast equivalent, Laduree, with bouquets of peonies sounds like a slice of royal paradise (disclaimer: these nonstop references to Gossip Girl are starting to become habitual). For all you visual learners out there, check out my instagram (@cremedelachic) to see my bittersweet love affair with macaroons. 

Want to know what's coming next on my blog? 
(Drumroll please!)
Back to School trends & must-haves. 

I hope you all enjoy my latest design switch to a more editorial effect--fingers crossed! What can I say? The novice graphic designer in me sparked a Typography/Layout-loving obsession in me. Let me know what you think in the comments below!