June 2014Creme de la Chic: June 2014



Shutterbug. Starving Artist. Scrapbooker. 
You're a wanderlust traveler at heart living a life of nostalgic soul-searching and boho, airy spirits (think Free People or Threadsence). A bouquet of aimlessly hand-picked flowers ranging from generic daisies to soft-hued carnations stamped onto your tea-stained pages add a fresh, lively touch to your tattered pocketbook. Unplanned ramblings and inspired mantras dance across your jumbled pages from surges of ceaseless imagination. You're a souvenir-keeping individual that loves to revel in liberating, dream-like road trips akin to Jack Kerouac's On The Road sans the superfluous sexual scenes. Your vintage Polaroid camera (none of that mainstream FujiFilm Instax camera) serves as your third eye in taking piles of landscape scenery. Teepees carefully constructed by thrift-store tapestries and freshly-brewed herbal tea defines your morning. Glamping? That stuff's got nothing on your flower child spirit.

Trend visionary. Trailblazer. Traveler. 
You're a purveyor of all terms related to the word "fashion". A clear-cut vision in mind and a nonfat soy latte (with a generous shot of vanilla) in hand, you vivaciously emancipate the melange of possible RTW collections in your head onto your sketchbook. Taupe or nutmeg? Chiffon or chambray? A million thoughts whiz through your head as you simultaneously thumb through WWD and the crisp pages of your coveted Harper's Bazaar Special Edition. Project Runway? Sorry, Heidi Klum. You're too busy drooling over the thought of Michael Kors internally tearing up while personally handing you the CFDA award (all while cutting magazine clippings for your mood board, of course).

Sticker-fanatic. Backstreet boys / 'N Sync fan. 
You're a Generation Y kid and every 1998-present "hipster", Tumblr-addicted teen is bubbling in envy over your memories of ramen-haired Justin Timberlake and "Hey now!" Lizzie McGuire dances. Let's be honest, the toughest encounter you faced was choosing between Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears. Whichever your preference, growing up watching Harry Potter and Toy Story on VCR while smacking on those multi-flavored push pops (you know what I'm talking' about) or chewing on that Hubba Bubba gum tape was your safe haven. Oh, and the 90's was all about Disney Channel in its golden years--That's so Raven, Kim Possible, Zenon? None of that Shake it Up or Dog with a Blog nonsense. (As you can tell, I'm kind of a couch-potato that can be easily entertained just by plopping me in front of a tv screen--or Netflix) 

Enchanted Wanderer. Secret Garden lover. 
Frothy, whimsical gowns and saccharine confections define your sugary sweet personality. You know that saying, "Stop and smell the roses" ? You basically invented it since it transpires on a daily basis. Simply swap roses for a lovely, breathtaking bouquet of baby's breath, peonies, and chrysanthemums. Your cherished and charmingly antique typewriter reminds you of nostalgic dreams and fantasies. Some of your latest obsessions? Plush pastel pinafores, Laduree rosewater macarons, and handmade dreamcatchers. You might as well live in a Disneyland-esque castle



Stressed out from a bombardment of endless scrolling through multiple tabs while online shopping? Sometimes retail therapy can be the exact opposite. (Trust me, I know). What's supposed to feel like a time to "TREAT CHO SELF" can evolve into days of becoming a zombie-acting, pimple-inducing moment straight out of a cheesy horror movie (*cringe*). So ditch those hair-ripping moments of innocently searching for that floral chiffon jumpsuit, and indulge in a much-deserved trip to Coco + Liz! (Your precious, beachy wave locks will thank you).

Glam prepster or Edgy rocker, this sartorial destination will quench your ravenous thirst for a slice of New York's Finest: their fashion, that is. (Gossip Girl & Sex and the City, anyone?) Personally, I'm a sucker for mixing and mashing an eclectic kaleidoscope of styles to craft a personalized concoction of my own outfit creation (Evidence: my Eye Candy outfit above). Whether you're Coco, a feminine and polished trailblazer that dares to dabble in eye-catching prints (think Coco Chanel). Or Liz, a classically chic adventurer that loves a bit of an edge (think Elizabeth Taylor). You'll be sure to unravel your own fashion haven. 

Still not sold? Coco + Liz donates a portion of their proceeds to helping She's the First . So by an instant click of a button, you're ultimately helping a young Gambian girl be the first to graduate from her family. I don't know about you, but I love the idea of recycling and encouraging fearlessness through our style choices. Whoever said fashion is materialistic and shallow is probably feeling an immense wave of embarrassment right about now (in faux-paus head-to-toe denim nonetheless). I'd like to think we're all fearless (soon-to-be) fashion icons that will grace the covers and pages of infinite Special Edition Vogue issues (even Oprah will weep in jealousy). So in the words of Coco + Liz "Dress Fearlessly"

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Picture yourself carelessly twirling around a hauntingly enchanting garden chock-full of miniature tinkering fairies and an opaque flurry of bokeh lights dancing above the river. Dainty, Secret-Garden-esque lavender and baby's breath flowers are intricately braided into your curly tresses reminiscent of Rapunzel (oops, wrong princess movie!) Gold-lamé accents fit for the true royals (think Princess Victoria & not Lorde) flicker throughout your pastel confection of a dress. Even Marie Antoinette will ogle in sheer awe over your saccharine ambiance. 

Aurora, known for her eponymous moniker as Sleeping Beauty, is as whimsical and light-hearted as the Aurora Borealis itself. In terms of the film, I almost fainted and dozed into a "beauty" sleep coma with the decision to cast Elle Fanning (major girl crush, anyone?) Don't worry, I won't be revealing any scenes or plopping any of those "Disclaimer: Spoiler alerts". 

Channel your own princess-inspired ensemble that will make your own Brenton Thwaites (Prince Phillip) swoon. Avoid a chunky gold leaf crown from pinching and poking you and opt for a delicate coronet of blossoming botanicals. Better yet, to add that sugary sweet look, grab a lead bangle to feed your arm candy sweet tooth. Spritz on some of that MJ daisy fragrance as a finishing touch to compliment your frosty and frothy gown. Don't know where to don this charming get-up? Wear it to prom or the next wedding ceremony! Either way, you'll have your own "Happily Ever After" fairytale moment. Just call me you're fairy godmother

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Picture yourself magnificently reigning your own kingdom of mysterious creatures while fearlessly battling off an entire empire---nonetheless, that of your ex-boyfriend's (pretty badass, right?). Not only are you 30x bigger, but you also have titanic wings that can forcibly ricochet you up to a bed of clouds as you vehemently look down on the pin-size humans (none of that Disney Tinker Bell cookie-cutter fairy). Enough of my Disney-crazed babblings, let's channel our own inner Joan River--sans the raspy voice & overly snarky commentaries--and get down to sartorial business.

Imagine someone prowling around in leather-wrapped Impala/ram horns drowning in a sea of jet-black leather fabrics and a melodramatic cape dragging behind them. Probably a major fashion faux-paus moment, right? To avoid falling victim to such gasp-inducing acts, ditch the efforts to replicate the film's couture-geared fashion and opt for a more street-style look that'll keep you sober from sweats in the sweltering 80-degree summer climate. 

Don a breathable chiffon maxi skirt with a hint of leather tapered to your waist and a simple yet ultrachic leather strappy top to score major fashion brownie points. Even Rachel Zoe will be eyeing your Athena-inspired gladiator sandals with nature-inspired leaf embellishments. Not to mention your branch-like cuff with flickers of luminous stones as refreshing accouterments to your dark yet sultry ensemble. Rather than uncomfortably placing hazardous antlers fit more for Halloween or for the animal itself, wear a comfy hairband with metallic spikes for some much-needed edge. Want to look edgier? Simply hook on a fringe-like pair of talon-inspired earrings with flowy feathers resonant of Maleficent's batman-esque wings. On a bloodthirsty hunt for a dangerously daring look? Swipe on a crimson red hue for an effortlessly intense look. Easy. Breezy. And oh-so beautiful.

Which look is more of your style?