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Abundant Finding Nemo references, lollipop-esque palm trees, nostalgic memories whilst crafting quintessential flower crowns. 

You could say my most recent adventure to date venturing out for an hour long "road" trip to Long Beach's Aquarium of the Pacific à la Two Door Cinema Club Pandora playlist was a jam-fest. For someone who probably sounds like those cringe-worthy epic failures during American Idol auditions, I sing way too much. Just ask my partner-in-crime/boyfriend, Zack--or not! The blush-worthy, face-palm inducing stories will just coming rolling in (even if he'll say i'm a "good" singer.. whatever that means).

Fast forward a profusion of sporadic dancing while screeching along to Sleep Alone, and you'll find me tranquilly gazing at a kaleidoscope of nameless sea life splashing around in their vibrantly-colored coats (cue my inner shutterbug) Not to mention the stimulating tactile exhibitions scarcely sprinkled throughout the kid-friendly aquarium. What was my absolute, hands-down favorite? The Jellyfish exhibition! In all honesty, if you aren't excited about touching jellyfish, we can't be friends. Nonetheless, my meddlesome kindergartener-esque curiosity seeped in and I was instantly tempted to either pick up their gelatinous and lychee-like bodies or make "boing-boing-boing" noises while (gently) poking them (Spongebob or Finding Nemo's Dory moment, anyone?)

L.A. Hearts crochet cardigan // Nicole Lee handbag // New Look sandals // Brandy Melville top // L.A. Hearts 3 set bracelets // F21 spike bracelet // Nordstrom layered stone bracelet // F21 rings // Blossom and Bronze c/o stone ring, layered necklaces // L.A. Hearts shorts // Unknown sunglasses

After seeing the documentary Blackfish (which I highly recommend), I couldn't help but feel a guilty pit in the bottom of my stomach while watching the highly-enthused sea lion show. Cheering for the overly obese sea lion performing mindless tricks in the hopes of snagging frozen fish as reinforcements made me feel like I was propagating the appropriateness of encasing sea animals in 20 ft x 30 ft concrete pools. 

To lighten my suddenly somber and introspective trance, Zack & I ventured out to the docks in the blistering weather while frying like fish (oh, the irony). The lingering mist of breezy sea air and the smattering of beach hobos and tourists was a refreshing break from the typically clumped and congested Long Beach boulevards of overzealous shutterbugs and weeping toddlers. Zico saved the day by quenching my relentless thirst. Plus, it didn't hurt that the packaging simultaneously harmonized with the palm-tree summer vibes and my deep-sea ensemble. I courageously gulped down generous sips of the "potassium-filled" coconut concotion--which my boyfriend predictably spat out (so predictable).

My inspired look reminiscent of deep-sea and beach-side boho fervor featured layered accoutrements such as my suede, studded fringe crossbody and a sea of turquoise pieces. If you know me by know, you'll undoubtedly recognize my eternal affinity for all bits and bobs that are turquoise. So, it was transparently clear that I'd gape over Blossom and Bronze's hand-crafted trinkets--with emoji-like hearts in my eyes. After receiving the generously gifted items gingerly enveloped in pastel & pinterest-worthy paper & stickers, I couldn't help but delicately unravel and welcome the newest additions to my family of all things turquoise (insert tears of happiness). The graphic designer in me ogled over the femme and whimsical packaging! Let's just say, I couldn't part with the heart-shaped tags and the decorative washi-tape embellishments. Normally, I'd viciously and eagerly claw through a package akin to Christmas morning. So that's definitely saying a lot.

But let's get to the most important part (I blame my perpetual ramblings), the Cattle Skull necklace paired alongside the feather necklace serve as stylish twin sisters. Transitioning from the free-spirited deserts of Coachella, picture yourself in an ethereal, lace cover up showcasing these delicate beaus in Malibu while peacefully sipping on a watermelon sangria! A perfectly-sized stone ring caps off as a finishing touch and serves as a foolproof excuse for some additionally layered rings as secondary actors to the real limelight of your ring assemblage. Talk about a perfect summer day.

What was one of your latest adventures?


  1. Love the sandals. The view is beautiful too, it matches your outfit really well. Great post!


  2. Nice pics and love your outfit as well; esp your shoes :)


  3. Your outfit is amazing and I love the background. So pretty! xo


  4. You look gorgeous! Absolutely love your outfit, especially the shorts :) The location is so beautiful as well! xoxo Savannah

  5. gorgeous outfit! x

  6. Amazing look and photos!


  7. Lovely outfit, I love your shorts and kimono! All of these pictures are gorgeous! Xx


  8. I love your pictures, they're simply perfect. I also think your armcandy looks stunning! X

  9. I love this outfit, it's so bohemian. I love the cardi and al your jewellery especially. xx


  10. The shorts are so pretty
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  11. Cute outfit! And a beautiful location!


  12. your cardigan is so pretty ! and I've never watched Blackfish but I know friends who have big debates over it - one worked at sea world for a while and has experienced it. I think it's a shame they're used for entertainment and aren't in a natural habitat but i guess there are those who work and devote their lives to sea mammals - i don't know, I don't feel confident on the issue to argue an opinion :(
    Lauren x
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  13. Your outfit is so lovely, I just want to go buy it hehe.
    I really loved the documentary blackfish! Just watched it the other day, really opened my eyes. The day after I went to an amusement part and felt guilty watching some animal shows too. Ick.
    But, you look so perfect! What a great outfit. Just moved to a warm area, so I will have to go on a mini-spree and pick up an outfit like this! Thanks for visiting my blog! I really appreciate it.
    xx, H

  14. I really love how you paired the ombre shirt with the crochet cardigan. Such a lovely combination!


  15. gorgeous coordinate! that ombre singlet top is amazing!

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  16. Oh my gosh the setting for these photos is incredible; I just can't get enough of palm trees! I also adore your mass of bracelets - that's an impressive collection, for sure! :)



  17. Love the photographs! The ombre with the black and blues is so beautiful!

    aforvogue.blogspot.co.uk xx

  18. Love it!
    Would you like to follow? Let me know & I follow right back!


  19. LOVED this outfit!
    Specially the shorts and top! Your accessories are so on point too!


  20. Love your outfit Kelly! Your sandals are sooo lovely! x Laura

  21. this place is absolutely paradise, and the weather looks super fine! love the white/blue colour theme in this outfit, perfect for the setting and the beautiful scenery! palm trees are all the rage! <3

    Check out my latest post on the Blog :)
    AL xx

  22. Lovely post! We love your outfit, those shorts look great on you!

    With love,

    The Inkberry | http://theinkberry.com

  23. Your outfit looks really flawless! Just followed =) xx

    itsksquared.blogspot.com | kim&kyle

  24. Love your crochet jacket!


  25. Lovely ensemble and images. The location is picturesque. Within the ensemble I particularly like the ombre shirt and purse. Great blog. Just followed! :)


  26. Super cute shorts and I love all your jewelry, so pretty.


  27. the print on the shorts is lovely, cute pictures :)

  28. SOOO in love with your shorts. Haven't had any super exciting adventures recently but can totally relate to singing incessantly to pandora haha

    xx Sarah | Loser Girl Wins

  29. I love your blog cool photos and interesting content. You definitely have it.


  30. Love the ombre top and patterned shorts. What a great way to mix colors and patterns! Also, if you're a Finding Nemo fan, I bet you can't wait for Finding Dory to come out. Beautiful images as always! Cannot wait until my trip to LA next week. This is a nice preview for me :)

  31. Your blog is so refreshing! =) Beautiful layout. And your outfits are gorgeous!! =D

  32. Absolutely gorgeous photos, your shorts are amazing and the scenery is so beautiful! I wish I had somewhere this pretty to take OOTD photos :)

    Meg | Meg Says

  33. cute outfit! you look fabulous hon! i'm especially in love w/ all your midi rings!!


  34. Looks like a lovely sunny day!
    Love the outfit, beautiful top



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