April 2014Creme de la Chic: April 2014



Net-A-Porter Bow blouse / Chanel Vintage bag / J.Crew boyfriend jeans / Net-A-Porter coat / Coach iPad folio / Nars foundation / Jerry Sartarama pencils / Zara studded oxfords / Fleur of England bra / Rebekka Ferbrache flower vase

How to be an It Girl? For all us fashion aficionados, it's safe to say we crave the sartorial slice of the style icon life starring oh-so casual front seats to legendary Chanel and nonchalant brunches with the Prada-wearing Devil herself (Anna Wintour, that is). We've all tried to decode this cryptic, billion-dollar question--especially after maniacally gluing our starry eyes on every centimeter cube of Alexa Chung's It Girl book (the cube cut-out of Chung's sea-water azure eyes plastered on her cover may as well be blatantly taunting us of her clandestine secret). 

Question: How exactly do we get one step closer to our dreams clad in studded Valentino slingbacks? 
Answer: Religiously jot down her godsend style moments and attempt to rouse your inner Nicolas Cage National Treasure hunter sans baldness, of course.

A mouth-dropping blush lace bra here and a Hailee Seinfeld inspired crisp pilgrim blouse there and there's already a charming concoction of that covetable Chung charisma. Hungry for more? Feed your inner style stalker and take some style cues from the Man Repeller by stepping into bombshell oxfords with a sprinkling of silver studs. After all, an It Girl is never a one trick pony. So, why not appeal to a kaleidoscope of genres from cotillion pastel princess to blazer-wearing/ menswear-inspired vagabond? But you probably already know that. 

New Look kimono / Etsy shorts / The Row sunglasses / Vic Matie wedges / Local Heroes case / Erin Wasson necklaces / Free People bra / Steve by Steve Madden bag / BCBGMaxAzria hat / Debenhams floral headbands / Sole Society rings

 In the wise words of cardigan-wearing geek Gabriella Montez "Everybody loves High School Musical, who says we have to let it go?". But in this case, we'll have to forget about her sugarcoated Disney days featuring unanticipated bursts of solo dancing around an empty school hallway. And instead of being caught wearing her then-co star/boyfriend Zac Efron's oversized plum flannel, she's traded in her arm candy and ensembles for Austin Butler & his hand-me-downs (Carrie Diaries, anyone?).

How to achieve Vanessa's California music festival raging look?

Step one: DON'T skimp out on florals. 
Remember that beginning scene in Alice in Wonderland where Alice is cozily snuggling against the plush flowers? Snag that scene and bottle it up in your memory because you'll be reopening it for some generous doses of inspiration for the Coachella look. A cream crop barely-there top will keep you sober from the endless sweating under the unforgiving weather (that's the only time you'll hear "sober" there). 

You'll definitely be nodding to the splashes of dainty flowers on your fresh crop top. After all, spring showers bring you flowers! Oh, and we can't forget the famed flower crowns that are second nature to festival fever. A classic fringe nutmeg crossbody and a scorching, splotched tangerine tank with fringe dripping down the front and you'll be the dancing queen on the grass fields. Top it all off in your over-sized, floppy hat scalloped in crochet patterns. Last words of advice: don't forget to shield your sensitive eyes with a pair of stylish sunnies that'll make John Lennon salute to you!

Love Leather top / Pacsun beanie / YSL lipstick / Dr Martens boots / Chictastic bracelet / Song Leather jacket / Sarah Haghili shorts / New Look rings / Tokyo Milk Handcreme

What's Miley's signature? Blatant wagging tongues similar to that of German Shepherds in the summer and cringe-worthy, wedgie-inducing leotards (best left for Gabby Douglass). If Miley Cyrus instantaneously popped into your head you deserve to dance with a Smurf blue life size teddy bear from her Bangerz Tour (definitely not the one from your childhood). No one's in the dark when it comes to Miley Cyrus and her latest shenanigans we're bound to unearth on Perez Hilton or just from Twitter alone. (I'm surprised I even know given the fact that I don't have a Facebook) But, besides her legendary chicken-cutlet looking bottom from her Robin Thicke dance and her dramatic Bangerz tour entry riding a colossal hot dog, she knows how to have a good hammer-licking time. Sorry, I just had to insert that in somehow.

I applaud her for her blunt yet refreshingly self-assured outlook, controversy and all. It takes a golden spine to stand tall--in skyscraper heels--and not wilt under nasty hater comments and shamefully resort to a Malibu rehab. In a world of increasing bullying and heart-wrenching discrimination, she has a strong backbone and isn't afraid of her wild child personality which I actually respect.

Enough of my sappy ABC Family-esque notes (which I've been religiously addicted to). If your style is more reflective of Molly's Miley's killer personality, think tough-girl vegan leather jackets and mesh crops that will ensure your over-exposed skin to breathe and soak in some of that California sun. Dash in some gold glimmers through your accoutrements consisting of heavy layered ring candy (so delish) and chain chokers. To finish it all off, step out in classically grunge Doc Martens reminiscent of The Rolling Stones and you've got yourself a platinum studio record deal--in fashion, that is. 



Want to know something random?  
I used to hate the color pink. Flash back to my elementary days and you'll cringe in sheer embarrassment as you atrociously witness my 11-year old self drenched in a kaleidoscope of copious Legally-blonde approved shades. Even my glaringly dorky glasses brandished a tinge of pink in the shades while my candy-coated rims were wrapped in this god-awful Flamingo pink hue. Talk about childhood nightmares! But rather than taking a Freudian lense (pun intended), I devised a conscientious pact of demolishing any chances of this nightmarish shade from poisoning my future fashion resume. But, I think it's crystal clear from this photo montage that I definitely didn't stray away from the paradisaical heavens of all things pink. What can I say? Once you go pink, you never go back! (Plus, I'm a die-hard John Hughes aficionado...Pretty in Pink & Breakfast in Club anybody?) 



Michael Kors Selma Satchel / Jeffrey Campbell Booties / Topshop pants / F21 bracelet / Urban Outfitters sweater / NastyGal necklace / F21 rings / Dogeared Layered necklaces / A&F DIY vest

          Evergreen, delicate leaves artistically wrapped around weathered Morocco red bricks always cunningly lure in my inner architect from my past life. I blame my mindless plodding around New York's gloomy, graffiti-abused buildings and the synonymous black trash-bags that pepper their "frontyard". So when I commenced my weekend trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for their Jewels by Jar exhibit (Shoutout to you, artistes out there), I was subconsciously magnetized towards the pristine gates sprinkled in morning dew shielding a possible socialite's home. It was definitely an Invasion of the Bodysnatchers moment since I don't normally find myself getting googly-eyed in sheer envy over some bricks with a smattering of greenery.Weird, don't you think?

          Despite the DSLR-toting tourists that eccentrically sneered at my arbitary photo montage, I tried to step up my fashion game to channel my inner Rumi Neely or Carolina Engman (whichever style you fashion aficionados nod in awe to). Included were a few worrisome wobbles and bumbles here and there (try saying that 3 times!) while ungracefully struggling to execute a cool-girl pose against the weakly built fence. I'm surprised there wasn't a blurry action shot of me dramatically plunging down to a mouthful of cement. Definitely one of my biggest fears to date. 

          If any of you aesthetically-obsessive Leonardo da Vinci die-hards want a spontaneous pick-me-up definitely drop by Jewels by Jar. Sorry for you Instagramers out there, my iPhone was definitely missin out on all the luxe, handcrafted gems that blinded my eyes in the dark-lit cube room. (No photography, allowed!) The area was definitely feeling as congested as my nose due to these darn spring allergies and there were lines of museum-goers. Conversations ranged from the A: fluttering butterfly beaus speckled in microscopic Swarovski crystals with intense wattage when it came to their luminosity to B: a pair of avant-garde earrings with actual beetle-wings! Definitely a double-take and a "Say whaaat?" moment after skimming through the pieces descriptions on the tactile-dense pamphlet.

What museum did you last visit? 



Velvet Dreams Backpack // Half Moon Turquoise Necklace // Fedora // Sunglasses // Lace Top // Crochet Booties // Layering Necklace // Dreamweaver Necklace // Jasmine Floral Headband // Elephant Ring // Gold Tribal Ring // Black Layered Ring // Eclectic Pants // Stone Cluster Bangles

Scorching hot sweat-inducing desert scenes with electric liquid gold music blasting ceaselessly. Misplaced fake IDs of pizza-faced teens claiming they're 21 generously dispersed throughout the grass. Hopefully a bubble of Coachella's wild-child streak will randomly pop up above your head whether it's through your proud nostalgic remembrances or from the Coachella overkill infesting your Tumblr Feed (the latter being mine). Whatever your crazed, flower-child experience may be, here are some fresh, psychedelic picks that will add an extra beat to your step while you graze around aimlessly wandering from the XX to Arcade Fire (I can be a hardcore music junkie when it comes to these 2). 

WARNING: Don't face-palmingly fall victim to over fluffing your religiously adored band and their eclectic music.... if they're nonexistent! We all remember Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News that interviewed apparent "fans" of Dr. Schlomo and the G.I. Clinic or Obesity Epidemic while flaunting the usual garb of DIY daisy flower headwraps and pastel bubblegum pink crops. 

Whatever bizarre, tweet-worthy act happens at Coachella (Tupac hologram, anyone?) make sure you Instagram it so I get to hopelessly daydream that I'm in your vintage floral boho booties listening to Coachella's killer lineup while I pleasingly close my eyes. Someday!