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Zara boots // UNIQLO tights // Michael Kors satchel // Dogeared rings // Michael Kors jacket // Minkpink dress // Gifted (mom) necklace // F21 rings // Nastygal kimono 

What's better than a belly-busting brunch featuring decadent Challah French toast sprinkled with fresh fruits? Scouring the foreign mazes of New York's streets (hello, Soho and Alphabet City!) with fellow blogger, Kelsey from RunawayinLA! If only we wore thicker socks and comfier, pillow-like shoes for our somewhat freezing journey of seeking out pic-worthy scenery. Let me just spare a few seconds to graciously thank the weather gods for shining down some much-needed UV! I can't help but feel like a hybrid of a phantom & a Twilight vampire (so gross) lurking along the magazine-esque mode city streets. Any minute I can to soak in the sun and preserve my jaded tan is one I will openly take! 

P.S. if anyone's scoping the NY streets for a mouth-watering and wallet-friendly eatery, check out Grey Dog. The both of us were definitely nodding in silence once we munched on our breakfast after shyly snapping some instagram-worthy shots. (We were endlessly thumbing through Yelp options online & vigorously clicking on the $-$$ option after being cunningly allured by the $$$ restaurants such as Balthazar from Gossip Girl) After all, we are just college students! 

After visiting LF's insane sale and Saturday's pristine space that made me sigh in awe, we finally came upon Avenue A and claimed that it would be home to our new OOTD's. You could say that we walked around for miles on end. Fortunately, New York can have some incredibly captivating scenery that's reminiscent of cobblestone streets tucked away in the heart of Italy or even downtown, Los Angeles! 

Oh, also--guess what? I finally got the chance to style my first (jaw-droppingly young) model for a photoshoot! How I love interning :) The day after Kelsey & I persistently treaded along the endless streets of Prince St. and Spring St. in Soho, I found myself hypnotized in a deja vu moment the very next day! The only minuscule difference was that I was lugging around the photographer's silver studded bag that I swear had bricks sneakily hidden in the pockets because it was sweat-inducingly heavy! Check out my latest instagram post to see the oh-so delicious ring candy that I layered for the model for some glam/edgy finishing touches ;)

Now, back to my unhealthy addiction to a marathon of Gossip Girl sustained by my loyal yet thigh-unfriendly companions, Nutella and Earl grey tea with a generous splash of soy to perfectly close my ventures! 

What was your latest adventure?



Need some much needed lovin' from your armoire and vanity desk? Scroll through to see some hand-picked lovelies that will be sure to have a special place in your heart and leave you in awe. You won't know what love at first sight is until you see these beauts. 

Hope this ignites a spark in your heart for the lovely weekend !



Don't forget to check out my latest post wearing Peter Pilotto's skirt! 
From delicately pleated midi skirts speckled with aquamarine hues to seafoam origami-like panelled tops, these seven-seas loving looks make thundering waves across the print pool. The meticulously developed dresses splashed the calm waters of typical spring trends showcasing pastel and nude A-line dresses. Breathtaking? I think so. So were the suspended, disfigured black crinolines (look below) made modern which buoyed up the high-waisted trapezoid dresses.

“The crinolines are to do with this idea of cinematic perspective and perspective achieved with light and shadow. You could see through the layers and it was like bringing our prints into this more 3D world,” said Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. 

As for the silhouettes, a kaleidoscope of mints, lilacs, tangerines, and fuchsia flowed beautifully with overlays of floral lace and embellished tweed. The color and print happy ensembles on the other hand, featured a stagnant length that was ever-present throughout the collection. To underline the focal point on solely the dresses, structured skirts, and cropped tops a luminescent skin symbolizing a healthy glow while still preserving a relevance to the light-infused theme kicked even further with iridescent Nicholas Kirkwood heels. Absole-utely enchanting, don't you think?

I don't think I'm the only one completely obsessed with Peter Pilotto's Target collection which will hit stores with a bang showcasing their punchy prints February 9th. Their signature silhouettes are replicated in their dual length envelope graphic skirt and their splashy prints reminiscent of paint splatters. The floral-infested apparel and accessories will hands-down make even the most timid of souls embrace confidence in their limelight as they take center stage. So say goodbye to your drab winter weather wardrobe and ditch the blacks and monotone prints of wool and cashmere knits. I know I won't be the only one breathing a collective sigh of print relief from this overdose of snooze-worthy sweaters.
 What do you think of Peter Pilotto? 



Peter Pilotto skirt // Kate Spade bag // Jessica Simpson booties // Betsey Johnson socks // UNIQLO tights // Topshop necklace and moto jacket // Zara crop top // Ralph Lauren gloves // F21 rings // Brandy Melville bar ring 

New York Fashion Week has S-T-A-R-T-E-D!!! After an extremely exhausting and craze-filled adventure of a day, yesterday, let me just tell you that I am still shaking from all the excitement and the nerves. Just thinking about it makes my heart beat faster than Usain Bolt! So after slapping myself awake with my intensely-caffeinated Blonde Roast soy coffee I rushed out in the thawing weather only to dunk my Shoecult booties an ankle deep in slush! (WARNING: You're probably going to have to learn a few ice-skating tricks or embrace yourself in tacky, stuffed snow boots) So after trekking my way over to Chelsea's High Line Hotel which I may add is tear-jerkingly beautiful, I gleefully announced "Katie Gallagher Show" only to find out that I THOUGHT IT WAS A THURSDAY! So much for my first, confident odyssey to a New York Fashion Week show, am I right? 

After some much-needed retail therapy to Topshop & Zara I came back to the Hotel with a vengeance for redemption. Except the fact that I came 30 minutes early and traipsed up the ancient wooden stairs to find myself backstage where frantic interns and hotheaded photographers were shooting last-minute model shots and laying out name cards on seats! When people use the term "deer caught in the headlights" they definitely aren't using the term loosely because I thought that any second, I would get hit by an truckload of embarrassment. Luckily, I coolly exited the monastery-esque setting and waited. 
After bobbing my head (hello, head trauma!) to snap some pics of the slicked back hair and oxblood, structured jackets, I rushed over to my internship 2 blocks over.

I then got a last-minute text from my fashion show-partner-in-crime to go to the Erin Fetherston show at 6. No problem, right? NOT! After humiliatingly flailing our arms for a taxi during rush hour, we decided to run in the winter-weather as my newly-purchased pants were slipping off every other block. We arrived at the W Hotel with our cheeks flushed and frosty to the touch only to find out it was a presentation and not a show! Erin's clothes are absolutely charming and so retro chic--think blush pink cashmere sweaters and chiffon gloves delicately dotted with effervescent pearls as finishing touches. My favorite piece? The "Charmed..I'm sure" forefront sweater of the presentation and the glittering pleated emerald sweater that twinkled beautifully in the Grand Room. 

After being introduced to an exceedingly handsome man that Jess knew personally, she slyly whispered "That's Erin's husband--he's the lead singer of Cobra Starship" (GOOD GIRLS GO BAD, anyone?). I almost died of being Star-struck and thought it was incredibly adorable how this beautifully reserved and poised platinum-blonde designer is married to this edgy and outspoken rock singer. They were both so sweet & I was so lucky to meet them both--thanks, Jess! I even saw Erin talking to Andrew Bevan from Teen Vogue! I was so tempted to take a bazillion pictures but I knew it'd be a definite no-no. 

As we were ready to leave with Skyn goodie bags in hand, I got an unplanned e-mail from my instructor, Fashion Pulse Daily editor and co-founder, Julia Dinardo who I honestly admire so much about the Peter Pilotto Shopping Preview at Gotham Hall! I knew I couldn't pass it up so I hailed a cab in record-breaking time with Jess and lingered patiently in a block-long line that was especially worth it. The second I walked in, we were bombarded by a melange of dapper individuals cloaked in mink coats while I blindly tiptoed my way to the psychedelic-lit space. After eye-ing the space, I miraculously stole a glimpse of both Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos! I was so deeply immersed in my fashion heaven when I almost tripped and made a complete fool of myself. Smooth. 

Their Target collection is nothing short of fashionable--such punchy prints that any daring fashionista would love to slip in. So with that in mind, we both dared to challenge the lengthy duration of the line filled with hopeful customers to get the first-pick of the collection before it hits stores. Luckily, we kept ourselves busy by taking more shots of the chic area featuring cat-walk worthy beats and even saw a girl casually sipping on champagne in Google glasses. (I have no idea what they do--I just watched a recent episode of The Simpsons on it via Hulu but I'm still so baffled!) Once we entered the cramped shopping room without a changing room and unknowingly elbowed our ways to get our dream items, we both knew this was going to be the ultimate test of our shopping skills. Thank the style heavens for having the skirt I've been eye-ing for the longest time in my size! It was the last one too! A match made in heaven. 

We blissfully closed the night in a calming subway ride back to the W 4 station while I firmly clutched my shopping & goodie bag--I was definitely paranoid someone would steal my coveted skirt! So happy (to say the least) that I got to wear this graphic-saturated pencil skirt before it hits stores in a few days to the Rebecca Vallance show! Now I can catch myself and breathe a sigh of well-deserved relief--well for another hour and a half before I aboard the train to Chelsea for my internship & the Charlotte Ronson show back at the Hub at Hudson! Wish me luck! 

P.S. I wrote a post on Peter Pilotto for Target days before that I will upload very soon for more insight on their work & of course, my love for their work!