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As the new year delightfully rings in, hand-in-hand with a predictablly ample amount of chaos involving pervasive confetti and awaited pops of bubbling, $100 champagne, so does the urge to become "better". Listen, we've all aggravatingly ripped out our overly goody-two shoes lists of improving whether it's to become healthier or less technology-crazed (Facebook & Instagram's a serious addiction). Our goals may seem a little out of our leagues but regardless we all have that ubiquitous want to become a well-rounded and happy person! 

Another goal that has cunningly yet undoubtedly snuck its way onto our endless New Years Resolution list is to become a more mindful and fashionable shopper (A perennial goal that's hands-down taken allegiance on my list for years). 

Becoming a more flamboyant and audacious fashionista and person in general, is a cheeky goal that's becoming increasingly important to me as a blogger. Whether its through my worn-out bombshell studded Zara boots with boisterous gold embellishments or my all-time favorite turquoise statement pendant rings and necklaces, I'm adamant on having my fashion voice and style be acknowledged as is everyone else. After all, that is what designers and everyday fashion fanatics galore aim to achieve. 

For all of you who have a unique penchant for mismatched ensembles of look-at-me accessories and bold clashes of prints taking homage in your armoire, I've got some pieces that'll be friendly faces in your closet. Or for those that are in the works of becoming a trailblazer with playfully sophisticated floral attire for some game-changing looks, these pieces will be your next favorite go-to items.

 The upcoming spring trends (thank the heavens for some much-needed sunshine) will feature its recurrent devotion to florals and some pops of prints--especially from oh-so daring Prada. With that said, here are some of my favorite items I am hosting my 1st giveaway ever to start off 2014. My readers deserve nothing but the best so I hope you enjoy my meticulously hand-picked pieces perfect for Spring! :)

Winner is Sarah K.! Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and congrats :)
Hope you all have a beautiful day and can't wait to create another giveaway for my lovely fans!! xx