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After an unexpected last-minute invite about a boutique I (embarassingly and regretfully) didn't know about, I decided to kick myself in the butt to get out of bed and roll out onto the thawing city streets. I threw on my faux-fur charcoal sweater with a bauble-bar inspired statement necklace to add a pop of interest to my monotone, all-black ensemble--foolproof for any New York event. Taking a mini adventure with my fashion partner-in-crime, Chase, we roamed past the ubiquitous, glaring billboards on Broadway and towards SoHo. As soon as we arrived Prince St. (which is highly understandable because of all the high-fashion stores fit for a prince), we came across a brilliantly lit boutique muffling some upbeat Kanye. Alas, INTERMIX! 

Okay, first off, going to my first (re)opening in New York is a tad bit daunting. I feel as if I'm going to get egregious beams from socialites cropped out of Gossip Girl scenes in their mink coats as they hold their perfect chins up and strut away. Luckily, they didn't necessarily escape in digust but they were definitely wearing glamorous clothes I only see on Tumblr (you know exactly what I'm talking about!). Think gasp-inducing 3.1 Phillip Lim bags and heavenly fur coats you'd want to just reach out and grab, in spite of etiquette.

I admit, the first couple of minutes, I timidly cloaked myself behind a sea of priceless (oh, the irony) clothes dangling from racks while munching on catered Pistachio macaroons. Bubbling champagne was floating around amongst the chattering beauts of the reopening which I quickly envied. Damn my juvenile, less than 21-year old face.

As I slowly strolled around "effortlessly" attempting to pull off that naturally chic feel as if I visit these events on the daily, Chase vigorously tapped my shoulder. Apparently, Bryan Boy was a mere single-digit feet away from me in his oh-so typical shorts (only he would defy the weather with his killer style) and knee-high boots wrapped in a piercing blue fur wrap. After a few minutes of keeping my cool, I leaned in to snap an instagram pic of a showcase of Barbara Bui exclusive pieces (check it out on @cremedelachic) when all of a sudden a leather electric blue pouch and a shiny black bunny-eared iPhone case blurred the corner of my photo. As soon as I shrieked "What in the hell?" I realized it was none other than Bryan Boy himself leaving his things to take a picture that catalyzed a zillion snap happy bystanders who finally realized his unavoidable presence.

Despite the distraction, the main focus I was eyeing was the racks featuring luxe layers of black-and-white leather jackets, polyester panel dresses, and quilted shorts. You could say I was also in tactile heaven--I tend to have an instinctive habit of instantly feeling everything. Barbara Bui, Chloe, Iro...the list goes on of innovative designers whose clothes would tempt me to scrape what's left of my coin pouch simply to purchase a basic coal top. Don't even get me started on a pair of stark white Barbara Bui oxfords with scallop detailing and mesh peekaboo panels. The dainty rose gold necklaces lying neatly encased in a glass box made me drool like Charlie when making his daily rounds to Willy Wonka's store after school. It was without a doubt, a bittersweet moment. 

If only I could own some of these items in the future without shedding a regretful tear of my financially-impaired status. One day...


So I guess now would be the most fitting and appropriate time to whip out my embarassing finger wag and start singing "I'm back! Back in the New York Groove" like that super-hip Bob Saget-wannabe dad (you know what I'm talking about!). Hopping onto an overly stuffy airplane ride that felt as congested as my body burrowed under thick layers definitely did not prepare me for the weather shock. Sure, that frosty sparkling blanket of snow masking the ugly counterparts of the city can seem incredibly breathtaking. But after the whole Christmas craze, it feels ill-fitting to still see so much snow--Anna, I totally know how you feel in Frozen.  

I blame my California upbringing but since I've returned, I've had a titanic struggle of finding stylish clothes for my first day of classes (hello Spring semester!). If only I went to some Midwest university where I could slouch on a jet black, marshmallow-esque North Face jacket and some passé Uggs. 

After receiving a pleasantly surprising call from my cousin, I knew I had to get back into blogging again and not completely abandon it--I learned my lesson (thanks, Ash!). So with that said, here's some fresh inspiration that will rejuvenate the tiresome weather and time of year that's synonymous to dark hues and depressingly bland styling choices that rules comfort way higher than fashion. Yes, fashion should be sister to comfort but when you're trudging around the cloudy weather with a mundane puffer coat and stale sweaters, you need some fashion enlightenment to refreshen your outlook. 

Although my color palette for this inspiration is very basic and neutral, the silhouettes and simplistic styling can create waves across the trite winter-fashion pool--or in this case, ice skating rink (bear with me on my tasteless puns). I've had a recent obsession with bright, clean lighting when it comes to photos and that added color of mossy, artichoke greens juxtaposing against brilliant whites and somber blacks. You could say it cleverly hints at my subconscious, underlying desire for spring to come and more of a lively presence. 

Hastily strutting through retail stores for the ubiquitous January sales with my distressed mom made me realize the overlapping trend of boyfriend jeans and overalls. For me, finding the perfect dose of distressed refinement was the ultimate task of the day I wanted to proudly check off my list of necessary clothing. They are staples that every girl should have in their wardrobe! So after visiting Topshop, Nordstrom, GAP, F21, Urban Outfitters, and H&M and fingering through racks of denim with a melange of unique names for Boyfriend Jeans, I found an affordable pair and breathed a sigh of relief.

What I love about boyfriend jeans are that they are so comfortable--even possibly bed-comfy--while still preserving that vintage air of effortlessness without looking tired. Tuck in your basic striped top or plop into your coveted, aged booties for a go-to chic look! Overalls can be a little trickier to style since it can be reminiscent of that farmer, pig-tail braided child. So when wearing overalls, make sure to style it with a piece that gives off a more luxe feeling and don't be afraid to add some lively prints and layered accessories to make it more feminine. I personally adore overall shorts more than overall jeans. Which do you like more?


This years Pantone color is...drumroll....PANTONE 18-3224 Radiant Orchid! Might I add that this enchantingly soft combination of purple, fuschia, and rose pink undertones incites a sweet confidence fit for a Secret Garden queen. Seemingly polar to last year's PANTONE 17-5641 Emerald and its "symbol of growth, renewal and prosperity, Radiant Orchid reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination,” said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute.

This lovely shade that stems from a melange of colors is one that not only evokes a soothing peace but encourages a blossoming of creativity and originality. In addition, this mesmerizing purple sprouts great joy, love and health with its endearing charm. It's no wonder why it has had such a pivotal role in the fashion world today.

Radiant Orchid's blush undertones radiate beautifully on the skin in such an effervescent manner. It produces a healthy glow that doesn't play favor to either side of the gender field. The attention-grabbing color has already planted its dazzling brilliance throughout the Spring 2014 fashion shows (check out my latest post on the Spring trends!).

As for beauty, this overachieving, versatile shade emanates an energetic and healthy look. Remember watching those super addictive Michelle Phan beauty tutorials? Gently applying doses of lavendar underneath tired, dark spots under your eyes after an adventurous Saturday night can work wonders. After all, its sister shade is lavendar. It also comes from a family tree of purples and pinks which provides the perfect basis for a collection of lipstick and blush choices. Its cool and warm undertones also allow a dynamic combination that can flatter countless hair, eye, and skin tones. You could say its an impartial philanthropist that loves all (a.k.a Ghandi, Mother Teresa, Oprah...)

I don't know about you, but I'm completely sold on this shade and its attached beauty and positivity for the year to come. Aren't you? :)



Sure, sipping peppermint hot cocoa by the crackling fireplace in your fuzzy fleece footies sounds like a surefire way to snuggle up and melt away the stress of finals. But let's face it---a girl needs some sun-kissed mornings and airy chiffon dresses! (NOT the eskimo PVC parkas that resemble the Michelin man and naturally come with an awkward penguin waddle.) A gleeful re-appearance of the arrival of  spring permits a collective sigh of relief from the winter's attached melancholic dark hues. With that said, welcome back the rollicking beauts of bouncy botanicals (I dare you to say that three times). 

There was a kaleidoscope of trends that blossomed on the runways ranging from Prada's gallant spectrum of colors (think Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein) to Salvatore Ferragamo's sharp and minimalist origami-like pleats, perfect for the upscale prepster. Brandishing tour de force trends, these designers have all transpired a blooming admiration of where our love for spring stems from. 
 photo ScreenShot2013-12-18at124229AM.png



Oh, what a crisp winter day in the Katy Perry lovin' California! (Sorry for all of those courageously bearing the frosty East Coast weather) As mentioned what seems to be a million posts ago, I live up in the mountains amidst curious coyotes and squawking families of peacocks that parade on my front yard and sneakily pilfer my dog's breakfast. A mere few minutes up my house lies a dizzying highway that has one of the most worthwhile, breathtaking overviews of the LA skyline--- it's inevitably the hotspot for cliché teenage snogging. As for the daytime, it's a postcard perfect location for some Walden-inspired hikes to "find yourself" along a flock of families bickering over camp barbecues. Or, for some typical California pictures to take for your blog… Either way, any opportunity I get to retrieve at least a small dose of my california tan is a challenge I will take head on (sunglasses included). 

WARNING: I fearlessly yet hesitatingly stepped outside my barricaded bedroom to take these pics despite my chipmunk-swollen face (darn those wisdom teeth!). Let's just say I devoured inhaled pints of Vanilla bean gelato while watching White Chicks in my elementary-appropriate fuzzy socks. Thanks a million to the boyfriend for sticking through my recovery and snapping these pics for me! 

Nasty Gal kimono / Brandy Melville rings / Kaitlyn romper / Threadsence necklace / Kate Spade bag / Forever 21 socks / Jessica Simpson booties / Unknown sunglasses



As the new year delightfully rings in, hand-in-hand with a predictablly ample amount of chaos involving pervasive confetti and awaited pops of bubbling, $100 champagne, so does the urge to become "better". Listen, we've all aggravatingly ripped out our overly goody-two shoes lists of improving whether it's to become healthier or less technology-crazed (Facebook & Instagram's a serious addiction). Our goals may seem a little out of our leagues but regardless we all have that ubiquitous want to become a well-rounded and happy person! 

Another goal that has cunningly yet undoubtedly snuck its way onto our endless New Years Resolution list is to become a more mindful and fashionable shopper (A perennial goal that's hands-down taken allegiance on my list for years). 

Becoming a more flamboyant and audacious fashionista and person in general, is a cheeky goal that's becoming increasingly important to me as a blogger. Whether its through my worn-out bombshell studded Zara boots with boisterous gold embellishments or my all-time favorite turquoise statement pendant rings and necklaces, I'm adamant on having my fashion voice and style be acknowledged as is everyone else. After all, that is what designers and everyday fashion fanatics galore aim to achieve. 

For all of you who have a unique penchant for mismatched ensembles of look-at-me accessories and bold clashes of prints taking homage in your armoire, I've got some pieces that'll be friendly faces in your closet. Or for those that are in the works of becoming a trailblazer with playfully sophisticated floral attire for some game-changing looks, these pieces will be your next favorite go-to items.

 The upcoming spring trends (thank the heavens for some much-needed sunshine) will feature its recurrent devotion to florals and some pops of prints--especially from oh-so daring Prada. With that said, here are some of my favorite items I am hosting my 1st giveaway ever to start off 2014. My readers deserve nothing but the best so I hope you enjoy my meticulously hand-picked pieces perfect for Spring! :)

Winner is Sarah K.! Thank you all so much for entering the giveaway and congrats :)
Hope you all have a beautiful day and can't wait to create another giveaway for my lovely fans!! xx