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Hope you all are having a lovely Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day! (: My kickstarted with a gorgeous and elegantish brunch at the Tea Room with some beautiful people I absolutely love! It was extremely fun to spend some quality time with the girlfriends while quietly sipping chamomile flower or english breakfast tea out of ornate, oh-so-feminine floral cups while awkwardly attempting to follow the strict guidelines of etiquette.
The tea room channeled a magically enchanted, secret garden that grandmother's in statement hats and pastel skirts visited for their afternoon cup of tea. (They even had a precious teapot nightlight!)

Normally, I blandly slather nail polish onto my nails without a hint of intent to paint a design nonetheless a holiday-inspired one. Maybe it's my newfound romantic side of me, but I've actually been really excited for V-Day and decided to paint as much X's, O's and ♥'s I could squeeze onto each nail. 
I just had to snap a shot with my bubbly and incredibly outgoing friend and talented blogger, Aubrey Danae. She's such a sweetheart and she has really interesting posts! You should check out her blog (:

 Wearing: Nordstrom dress, F21 blazer, Gifted bag, Princess necklace, Steve Madden wedges
After countless cups of aromatic tea at a small, delightfully ornamented tea room, it was only evident that we would take a ton of pictures. It must've been pretty awkward and bizarre for the owner of the T room but being the fearless teenagers that we are, we took a montage of memorable pics. We all dressed up in light, highly feminine dresses and some of us primped our hair with romantic curls. 
After struggling to find the absolute perfect spot to get picture-worthy shots, Jacky and I went to an antique thrift shop near home called the Bargain Box and scavenged the place. At home, I finally decided to read my plastic-encased Teen Vogue issue and unwrapped the most adorable gift from Jacky ever! I love that girl (; 
I plan on watching a series of gushy, romantic movies while eating an unhealthy truckload of chocolate sweets and wearing my tacky Hello Kitty fleece jammies. Time to bring out the kleenex tissues! Hope all of will have/had a touching and fun-packed day whether it includes a lover or not xx

What were your plans today? (: 


  1. I love your photos!! looks like such a fun day :)

    1. Hey Tiffany! Thank you so much for your visit and your sweet comments (:
      I had so much fun! Hanging with friends is so much more relaxing and fun for me xx
      Hope you had a beautiful Valentines Day!


    2. so in love with your photos and lovely blog. pass by mine & perhaps we can follow each other on gfc & bloglovin.


  2. Luuuvly photos :) Your nail art is so cute :) V-day was a fun Thursday for me :) Nothing special except of a lot f chocolates from girls :D
    Aree With Umbrella

    1. Hey there Aree! It was the first time that I decided to actually try doing a cute design on my nails. I think I'm going to do them a lot more frequently! (:
      Chocolate is the best! I'm so addicted to it haha :D
      Hope you have a gorgeous day!

  3. love the sweet environment for the pictures!
    hope you had a rocking valentines! Keep up the great work here!
    Kisses from Miami,

    1. Thank you Borka!
      I definitely had a rocking V-day :D
      Hope you have an amazing day and had a lovely Valentines Day! (:
      Your comment made me smile (: haha xx
      I hope you have an amazing day!

  4. Lovely pics! Particularly the one of the cup and saucer!

    Would you like to follow each other? Please do visit at:

    1. Thank you Rosh! (:
      I would love to visit your blog xx
      The cups and saucers were so adorable and kitschy!

  5. those teacups are so cute!
    love your dress and nails

    1. I know right? I just wanted to take all of them haha (:
      Thank you! xx
      I hope you have a wonderful day, Yasmin!

  6. Beautiful photos, I wish I lived in NY! Lovely Blog! Would you like to follow each other? I follow back, let me know x


    1. Oh haha I don't live in New York.. I wish I did though! (:
      I currently reside in California!
      I will visit your blog as soon as I can :D
      Thank you for your lovely comment xx
      Have an amazing day, Nokhuthula!

  7. You are sooo cute and these photos are amazing! What do you say about following each other?...let me know ;) Kisses!


    1. Why thank you! I had so much fun taking these pictures (:
      It was probably the best Valentines Day I had since my elementary days which don't really count, I guess
      I will visit your blog as soon as I can (:
      Thank you so much for your nice comment xx
      Have a beautiful day!

  8. Replies
    1. Hey there! Thank you so much for following me (:
      I really appreciate it!
      Have a lovely day ;) xx

  9. Your outfit is very pretty! Your photos are great:)~Now following

    Townhouse Palette


    1. Hey there Laila! Thank you for your sweet comments--They really brighten my day xx
      & Thank you for following! :D
      I really appreciate it
      Have a beautiful day!

  10. I just discovered your GORGEOUS blog after I found you through your comment on Dot's blog - Montage Me (I was also at the Cambridge Style Week event with her!) :)
    You have one new follower hun
    Natalie xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

    1. Hi Natalie! (:
      You're so sweet! I love Dot's blog--her posts are as cute as her name
      That's so cool! I think it's really amazing how you can meet so many different bloggers through just one event
      I'm so glad that you found mine :D I'll be sure to check out your blog as soon as possible!
      Thank you for visiting and following! xx
      Have a gorgeous day!

  11. These pictures are all gorgeous! Teen Vogue's latest issue is stunning, and so perfect for Valentine's Day. You have such a lovely blog – I am so glad I found it.

    xoxo, Meera | www.momentswithmeera.com

    1. I love Teen Vogue! They have such a great March issue
      Thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting (:
      Have a beautiful day, Meera!

  12. Your blog is amazing!
    I love your outfit and your nails :) Looks like you had a lovely time!
    I'm a new follower.
    I have a new outfit post up and I'd love to know what you think!
    Alona | http://stylewanders.blogspot.co.il/

    1. Thank you so so much! You're such a sweetheart (:
      I had a really great time :D
      I would love to check out your blog xx
      Thank you so much for commenting and following!
      Have a gorgeous day, Alona ;)

  13. so pretty and warm! wish the weather around me allowed me to be in wedges and fun dresses.



    1. Hey Alexa!
      Summer will come and we will all get to comfortably wear wedges and flirty dresses (;
      Thank you for your kind comment :D
      Have a superchic day! xx

  14. This is such a great idea to go to this tea place with the girlfriends. I've never heard of Tea Room but I will check it out now because it looks so nice :) You always have really cute outfits. This one is super girly but sophisticated with your navy blazer and an exciting pop of color underneath from your dress! Love your posts and excited to come back for more :D


    1. Thank you! I actually would recommend it but the lady was a little bit mean to us.. I think it was probably because we were teenagers and unfortunately, stores don't ever take us seriously :/
      Thank you so much for your supersweet comments Jenny! They always brighten up my day so much :D
      Hope you're having a beautiful Sunday!

  15. wow! this places looks so beautiful.. it's like all the things dreams are made of..


    1. I totally agree with you! It was like walking into a princess dream haha (:
      Thank you for your sweet comments! It really means a lot to me :D
      Have a beautiful day! xx

  16. I love your super cute nails!!!

  17. love this post is so sweet! oooh sorry about the snow i guess i mess up the comments :( sorry <3 <3 hope you are not mad at me. i'm now following you by gfc and bloglovin' :)

    hope we can be in touch,
    much love,

    1. Don't even worry about it! haha (:
      I would never be mad about something like that!
      Talk to you soon, Carolina! :D
      Have a gorgeous Sunday!

  18. what a fabulous dress! and the manicure is amazing!

  19. how could we miss this post?? :)) you look stunning as usual - the dress is fab. :)
    lots & lots of love and check out our new post if you like, would mean sooo much!

  20. Great outfit:) You look great!x
    sooo in love with your dress and your nails :)

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