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WWD Magic Market Week Part 1


Hey there! So sorry for not being able to update my blog and reply to your heartwarming comments as frequently lately! I just got back from the Las Vegas Magic Market Week just last night and I've been swamped with a tremendous load of homework that is just way too much for me to bear. I've got a bad case of "senioritis". I ended up jampacking all the thrilling and eventful experiences that have come my way in one post. Enjoy! (:

Las Vegas Magic Market Week

Flower Child


The sun is gleaming and it's perfect weather for picking dainty, flamboyant flowers and getting sun-kissed cheeks. If only I could hit the beach, but for now an ethereal, light-as-a-feather maxi skirt and flowers galore will have to do the job. After moving to a house closer up the mountains, I discovered a secluded hiking trail with a scenic backdrop for all my floral pieces (which pretty make up an overabundant portion of my wardrobe). So with my DIY dragon fruit pink crown in hand and chiffon pleated maxi, I decided to put on my Indiana Jones explorer hat and take an adventure.
Floral Outfit

Cupid's Chokehold


Hope you all are having a lovely Valentines Day/Single Awareness Day! (: My kickstarted with a gorgeous and elegantish brunch at the Tea Room with some beautiful people I absolutely love! It was extremely fun to spend some quality time with the girlfriends while quietly sipping chamomile flower or english breakfast tea out of ornate, oh-so-feminine floral cups while awkwardly attempting to follow the strict guidelines of etiquette.
The tea room channeled a magically enchanted, secret garden that grandmother's in statement hats and pastel skirts visited for their afternoon cup of tea. (They even had a precious teapot nightlight!)

Normally, I blandly slather nail polish onto my nails without a hint of intent to paint a design nonetheless a holiday-inspired one. Maybe it's my newfound romantic side of me, but I've actually been really excited for V-Day and decided to paint as much X's, O's and ♥'s I could squeeze onto each nail. 
I just had to snap a shot with my bubbly and incredibly outgoing friend and talented blogger, Aubrey Danae. She's such a sweetheart and she has really interesting posts! You should check out her blog (:

 Wearing: Nordstrom dress, F21 blazer, Gifted bag, Princess necklace, Steve Madden wedges
After countless cups of aromatic tea at a small, delightfully ornamented tea room, it was only evident that we would take a ton of pictures. It must've been pretty awkward and bizarre for the owner of the T room but being the fearless teenagers that we are, we took a montage of memorable pics. We all dressed up in light, highly feminine dresses and some of us primped our hair with romantic curls. 
After struggling to find the absolute perfect spot to get picture-worthy shots, Jacky and I went to an antique thrift shop near home called the Bargain Box and scavenged the place. At home, I finally decided to read my plastic-encased Teen Vogue issue and unwrapped the most adorable gift from Jacky ever! I love that girl (; 
I plan on watching a series of gushy, romantic movies while eating an unhealthy truckload of chocolate sweets and wearing my tacky Hello Kitty fleece jammies. Time to bring out the kleenex tissues! Hope all of will have/had a touching and fun-packed day whether it includes a lover or not xx

What were your plans today? (: 

A Shore Thing


 Today was composed of getting truckloads of sand in awkward places, a montage of picture-taking, and clinching my nose from the putrid odor of "sludge" aka fecal matter. Sounds delightful, doesn't it? Amid the oxygen deprivation from holding my breath after tsunamis of rancid smells attacked us during our trip to the Santa Monica Water Sewage Plantation, the 3 hours spent on the beach was extremely relaxing. It was definitely much better than trudging around like a zombie on campus to listen to teachers drone on.  

 I wanted to embed some scenic beach shots. I know it can get stale, but I couldn't help it! California weather and beaches are such a perfect combination.
The shot before this was an absolute trainwreck--I consistently reminded my friends to warn me if a wave was nearby, but obviously.. that didn't happen and my boots were completely drenched. My socks were so soaked and trillions of gritty sand sufficiently stuck to the insides of my boots in every nook and cranny. Thank god for changing stalls! (:
I snapped a candid of my friend, Rachel and I really liked the way that her beanie colors and hair color popped. She has this urban outfitters-inspired, edgy look that normally consists of slouchy beanies, mens oversized sweaters, and studs and spikes galore.
I tried taking as many shots as I could with the lifeguard tower because of it's precious shade of blue. Usually they're a rusty orange and yellow color, so I was immediately drawn to the pixie blue hue.
Wearing: Kimchi Blue Thrifted Lace Top, Anthropologie Pants, F21 rings, Steve Madden Boots, American Eagle Outfitters Socks, Vintage Backpack from mom, Free People Jacket, Gifted Necklace.
It felt extremely awkward and out-of-place wearing my boots and long pants to the beach but hey, it's wintertime! This is probably my longest post ever (I just kind of got a little too camera trigger-friendly). We spent lunch after our tour around the plant and for the oddest reason, I was really hungry! I had the most bomb honey Peanut Butter spread ever and watched this incredibly ridiculous yet embarassingly funny video on Barbie dolls talking in valley girl accents. Overall, it was a pretty successful yet horrifyingly unsanitary day (: 

How was your day? :D  

Keepin' it casual


Hey guys! (: I hope you all had a wonderful day today ♡ 
My day got progressively more relaxing and now I feel like sinking into a cloud of fluffy, warm pillows and reading The Lovely Bones while drinking te con leche.. But for now, I will blog! :D
Tomorrow I'm going to the "poop plantation" for my APES class so I'll try and upload some scenic pictures of the beach after our vile trip to see all the guck-infested water!

Wearing: DKNY Jacket, Nicole Lee Bag, BDG Pants, Online boots, F21 Flannel, F21 Sweater, American Eagle Socks, Nordstrom Scarf, F21 Ring

California can be really sunny windy. (well at least it is where I live!) Last year, we got to miss 3 days of school because there were 20-30 mph winds, which was pretty exciting (: It's actually hilarious when you think about how much Southern Californian's go crazy to the slightest drop in the temperature (Jimmy Kimmel's SoCal's overreact to cold weather, anyone?) when New York's facing Nemo. 
So with all that said, I opted to wear my military green jacket with my long-sleeve flannel. I wanted to go with a casual and comfortable look especially since it's a Monday, so I wore my lightweight, multi-printed infinity scarf with my high-waisted faded maroon pants and chocolate,cowboy boots. I borrowed my mom's cream knit sweater to add extra comfort and texture and finished off my look with my mom's company's leather schoolbag for a slouchy yet put-together feel. 

How was your Monday? (: