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Top trends of 2012 part 2


Top trends of 2012 part 2
1. Collar-tip Button down: Collared shirts with interesting details create the most refreshing effects to this classic piece
2. Statement Necklace: The peter pan shape and its sparkly details easily become the center of everyone's attention for any girl's night out
3. Pastels & Sheer: Pastels were featured repeatedly in the Spring/Summer runways. Sheer pieces transformed outfits to a cooler and more effortless look.
4. Galaxy Print: Specifically leggings, this print dominated the wardrobe of a rebellious and hipster wild child.
5. Leather-sleeved Jacket: Leather pieces create toughness..even if its just on the sleeves!
6.  Skulls: This trend was found through earrings, graphic tees and even back cutouts 
7. Loafers:This preppy and convenient shape can be seen with studs, baroque details, and alluring prints. You can pair them with a pair of skinnies or a fancy dress!


  1. I wore a sheer mint blouse just like #3 over the weekend :)

    1. Thanks so much for commenting! (: I love pairing collared blouses with sweaters especially since it's chillier now. What did you pair it with? xx

  2. Love your trend posts! They're spot-on, too! At least in my humble opinion ;) Found your blog through a comment on Puggle Wears Prada. REALLY looking forward to reading more posts from you so I'm following for sure. Your style is super cute from what I've seen.

    1. Why thank you! (:
      I'm excited to look at your blog! xx


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