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Top trends of 2012 part 1


Top trends of 2012 part 1

1. Peplum Silhouette:  whether it's a top, dress, or skirt, Peplum's been a tremendous hit. The unexpected hybrid of elegance and glamour can really evolve a seemingly boring outfit.
2. Flower Crown: It adds the perfect touch of ethearlness to a feminine chic look.
3. Cross: This symbol has pervaded numerous shops with a hipster vibe.
4. High-waisted Denim Shorts: This trend is EVERYWHERE. (dip-dyed, studded, worn out, upcycled...the list goes on)
5. High-Low Silhouette: Mainly seen in a skirt silhouette, this adds a great trompe l'oeil effect. The colorful print is perfect for the summer/spring season!
6. Studded Iphone Case: studs have been a prominent trend of 2012. Studding cases adds edginess especially to this beautiful mint color. (my absolute fave!)  


  1. love the studded phonecase! and thats my favourite colour one!

    love the blog



    1. I know, right? I have a mint case that I might just end up studding (:

      & Thank you! xx It means a lot (:


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