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Spring Runway Beauty Trends


beauty trends of 2013 spring show
  1. Messy Fishtail Braids : Tory Burch was geared towards the fresh-faced and bohemian girl this season. I am in love with how charming and carefree these braids are! 
  2. Matte Lips : At first, spring seemed like a season of nude lips. Then waves of vibrant fuchsia and coral entered the scene. Designers such as Burberry and Prada generated major attention with their scarlet and matte crimson hues. 
  3. Lush Lashes : This season, it's time to become adventurous with our lashes. Gaultier featured a doe-eyed, Twiggy-inspired fringe that served as an antidote to the grungier, 90s beauty featured elsewhere. 
  4. Bold Brows : Bold brows, nude lips, and fluttery lashes provided a rock 'n' roll sixties beauty that made its mark across all four fashion weeks. This modernized look was inspired by It girl, Edie Sedgwick, who is hands-down one of my favorite icons.   
  5. Twisted Hair : This hairstyle is by far one of my favorites! The elegant and sophisticated twists create great volume and depth--amazing for any black-tie event.
  6. Colored Liner : The floating eyeliner at Michael Kors was definitely an attention-grabber. Bold swoops of blues and greens on eyelids produced a youthful prettiness. Fendi even cut out pieces of neoprene from their resort wear to apply on the bottom eyelids. Although its not exactly wearable, it was clearly eye-catching. (no pun intended)
  7. Enhanced Minimalism :As opposed to last spring where makeup artists used the fewest products to create a natural look, this season was all about a flawless finish. It was all about enhancing one's true beauty with a flutter of powder here and there, setting it apart from a completely bare "no make up" appearance. 
Which look would you most likely lean towards? (:


  1. My favorite has to be the bold brows from Marc Jacobs :) I can definitely see myself wearing this look with maybe a softer dark brow and some neutral face make up. I'm curious to know which is your favorite and which would you wear?


    1. That sounds gorgeous! (: I would love to see a pic of your look!
      I'm honestly in love with all of them! I would probably go with the more natural look (#7) and the bold lips! Maybe even the bold, flirty lashes but then again they're pretty much nonexistent

      Thanks so much for commenting! I appreciate it :) xx

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