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Fancy Pants


Sorry for the late update! I've been completely swamped with studying for finals and going to school events but I did manage to take pics! For some much needed clarification, I'm going to start with my thursday outfit! (in case you were wondering why I'd be at school on a Sunday) Hope you enjoy!

Collared shirt: Nordstrom
Printed pants: Topshop
Wedges: Nine West
Jacket: Nordstrom
Ring: Forever 21
Spiked Bracelet: Nordstrom
Gold Watch: Nordstrom
Bag: Kate Spade

So I arrive at school, crossing my fingers that it would be somewhat chilly, but to my great disadvantage I felt as if my fingers were going to completely snap off the second I got into my car. when I got to school, I shrugged off the I-can't-believe-you're-wearing-sandals- glances I received in the hallway due to the numbing weather. What can I say? Despite the ridiculous weather, I have to wear what I'm confident in! 
I chose to center my entire ensemble based solely on the Kate Spade bag that my cousin lent me. It's hands-down gorgeous and so utilitarian! I am obsessed with my pants because from afar, they look so abstract but up close they're painted flowers. It has such a pleasantly surprising factor to it, don't you think? (: Rather than mixing prints, I decided to keep the rest of my look a little more simple and went with my peter-pan chiffon collared shirt which was an excellent buy back when I worked at Nordstrom. I finished it off with some gold accents from my accessories which added a luxe and glam appearance (: 


  1. OMG I love your pants and your confidence! Your blog is quickly becoming one of my faves!!! :D


    1. Thank you so so much!! That just made my day (;
      I'm so glad you like it :D
      Your blogs are hands down one of my absolute favorites too!! I'm so happy now (: xxx

  2. Love your style and your whole blog!!Thank you for sharing!


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