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Urth Angel


I'm done with finals! You honestly do not know how happy I am that I'm done with it! 
After finishing my IP presentation on my hypothetical fashion company, Lynn, Jacky, Alison and I all went to celebrate our well-earned 2nd semester senior privileges to Urth Cafe! (my favorite all-time & surprisingly healthy restaurant)
I ended up jam packing all the fun-filled moments I had in this one post since I ended up having no time to post any of the pictures over the weekend. Enjoy! xx

Jacket: Thrifted (BDG)
Top: Urban Outfitters
Hoodie: Brandy Melville
Boots: Unknown boutique
Legwarmers: A&F
Jeans: BDG

Jacket: Free People
Necklace: Gifted
Top: Urban Outfitters
Dress: Kaitlyn
Tights: Borrowed from mom
Shoes: Uknown
Ring: Forever 21

Lynn, Alison and I originally planned on going to the beach and having a bonfire but ended up going to Urth Cafe with Jacky which was ultimately a much better decision since it was raining. After incessantly driving, we arrived at Urth and predictably we snapped some much-needed shots in front of the graffiti and pictures that were plastered onto the brick wall. (I thought the Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe one was downright hilarious). After buying small honey vanilla lattes, which are heavenly (a large for Lynn which was a regretful decision), we went hiking up to this gorgeous view in Sugarloaf that overlooks all the city lights in our city bubble.
On Saturday to celebrate my friend, Evelyn's birthday, we decided to take Alison's 1970s model Bug that doesn't lock and has the cutest vintage interior but ended up taking a much bigger car that could exceed 40 mph without breaking down. We literally had to squeeze 6 people in the tiniest and oldest bug ever! Her car definitely made me feel nostalgic about the past with its fist-size mirrors with roll-down windows and plush leather seats. After embarrassingly flailing my arms around for what seemed like 4 hours and sweating a storm while rollerskating, I went home and crashed like nobody's business.
Yesterday, I went to my friend Kristin's birthday party and after an Italian restaurant, with of course the best bread, we decorated Valentine-themed cupcakes and watched 27 dresses. I'm not the type to watch chick flicks since I'm more of an Independent film/documentary junkie, but I have to admit, it was pretty exciting to watch (: Who doesn't love Katherine Heigl? 

What did you do this weekend? Anything exciting? :D


  1. hey kelly
    you look amazing on both outfits
    I love love love the picture with the wings(angelic)
    love Vikee

    1. Thanks Vikee! Your comments are always so sweet and they make my day! (:
      I went a little crazy with that haha
      I took so many pictures with those wings x) They're just so fun to snap shots with!

      Have a wonderfully chic day and thanks for visiting my blog ;)


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