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Geek Charming


I hope you guys like my new picture quality! I've been lugging around my chunky Canon DSLR and let me just say that it can be a pretty heavy and hugely awkward lump in my backpack. I'm the type of person that just kind of chucks my bag across the room if I'm feeling the slightest hint of laziness when I come back from school. Dramatic? Definitely. But amid my A.D.D personality, having much clearer pictures as opposed to my fuzzy Mac and iPhone pictures is definitely a trade-up.  

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Forever 21
Pants: Anthropologie
Glasses: Urban Outfitters
Collared tank: Forever 21
Rings: Forever 21
Shoes: Unknown
Backpack: Vintage hand-me down from mom

So a few months ago after I upsettingly was forced to trash my tattered Steve Madden brown leather tote, my mom told me that she had an extra bag. My mom's a handbag designer (and now a shoe designer opening her first retail store--I'll show pics soon!) so I thought she meant another bag from her collection. However, to my sweet surprise, my mom told me she had a vintage real leather backpack that she incessantly used when I was a toddler while she unearthed it from some random box! So cliche, I know (:

So I opted to wear my uber convenient and oh-so-amazing backpack with my Granger reader glasses and my mustard knit sweater. Clashing prints is one of my favorite things to do so I grabbed my polka dot pants, sunflower-printed collared tank. My mixed metal bobby-pin inspired necklace is one of the necklaces that I got from my aunt's accessories company. 

Lately, I've had way more free time on my hands so I've had more time to read! I'm kind of a book nerd and I've been feeling pretty nerdy lately...hence my glasses (: I'm as blind as a bat! Once I'm done with Tuesday's with Morrie, I think I'm going to read Life of Pi! Perks of Being a Wallflower was definitely one of my favorite books of all-time but the actors (Emma Watson and Logan Lerman) are nothing like they're portrayed in the novel so that was pretty darn upsetting...

So what kind of books have you been reading lately? (: 
Any suggestions?



  1. hey Kelly
    adorable ensemble...very nerdy-chic
    you look amazing btw
    love Vikee

  2. Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
    Love, Anna


    1. Thank you so much, Anna!
      It means a lot, I appreciate it (:


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