January 2013Creme de la Chic: January 2013

Geek Charming


I hope you guys like my new picture quality! I've been lugging around my chunky Canon DSLR and let me just say that it can be a pretty heavy and hugely awkward lump in my backpack. I'm the type of person that just kind of chucks my bag across the room if I'm feeling the slightest hint of laziness when I come back from school. Dramatic? Definitely. But amid my A.D.D personality, having much clearer pictures as opposed to my fuzzy Mac and iPhone pictures is definitely a trade-up.  

Sugar Fix


I have these two friends who make these cunning remarks like "uhmm.. it's not summer now, Kelly" every morning when leaving our senior parking lot to go to class. I mean it is pretty cold in the mornings but come on! We live in California! The weather's always bipolar but it's essentially sunny which I concentrated on while I was progressively defrosting in my car this morning. 

My childhood friend Evelyn took a picture of me and I just had to blink which is unfortunately a normal occurence whenever I take pictures. I'm hoping it might pass as if I did it on purpose..to some extent haha (:

A Prep in My Step


As embarrassing as it sounds, I was unexpectedly--and dorkily--really excited to go to school yesterday! Celebrating my deserved title of being a coveted second semester senior with overzealous parents that were gleaming and congratulating us with delicious cookies during break topped it all off (:

I noticed Jacky doesn't really wear nail polish so of course I naturally painted my favorite color, mint, onto her nails and gave her a glamorous and extra glittery party nail all from Urban Outfitters.

Urth Angel


I'm done with finals! You honestly do not know how happy I am that I'm done with it! 
After finishing my IP presentation on my hypothetical fashion company, Lynn, Jacky, Alison and I all went to celebrate our well-earned 2nd semester senior privileges to Urth Cafe! (my favorite all-time & surprisingly healthy restaurant)
I ended up jam packing all the fun-filled moments I had in this one post since I ended up having no time to post any of the pictures over the weekend. Enjoy! xx

Feeling Sketchy


I can't exactly pinpoint what inspired me to suddenly whip out my dusty sketchbook, but the second I started drawing I thought that I might as well sketch some fashion drawings of styles I'm currently addicted to.

The first look I drew is a modern take on grunge. Amid the flashy vomit of colors and excessive breakup songs, the grunge movement provided me with a refreshing sigh of music and even fashion relief (think Nirvana or Pearl Jam). Flannels, leather, and the generalized perspective of a worn-out and effortless cool appearance are what I interpret the grunge movement would resemble in modern society.

The second look was aimed towards a more bohemian chic look. The drapey cardigan with fringe and the whimsical fishtails and romantic crimson red flower crown create this effect. To add a hint of intensity, I colored the dress that is hidden under the beige top, with flutters of aqua and navy blue.  Long, layered necklaces with gold bars add to the overall breezy beach babe ensemble.

My last drawing was intended for a more sweet and innocent look. The blush pink and the soft tan hues are completely antithetical to my first look. A floral bustier and a zig-zag 3/4 sleeve represent a mix of patterns that are relaxed by the basic, pale pink maxi skirt.

Have you randomly been feeling artistic lately? (:

Thrift Shop


A couple of days ago when I went to the LACMA and then went thrifting, my friend Alison picked out this corduroy maroon jacket on the display of Crossroads. Surprisingly it fit me and since then it's been one of my wardrobe staples!

Take a Bow


 Last night my mom bought this unbelievably soft sweater with glittering pieces embedded into the fabric. It just screams femininity to me and I knew I had to wear it. ( Keep reading for more! )


Life Unframed


With the amounting stress of first semester senior year, I've been having to cram like it's my job. For some necessary relaxation, I visited the L.A. County Museum of Art (LACMA, for short) for my English Mirror Themes class with my incredibly awesome and down-to-earth friends, Jacky and Alison! For those of you who don't know this particular museum, it's absolutely breathtaking. ( Look for yourself! :D )

Fashion Evolution

What I wore on Friday! Hope you like it (:

Fancy Pants

Sorry for the late update! I've been completely swamped with studying for finals and going to school events but I did manage to take pics! For some much needed clarification, I'm going to start with my thursday outfit! (in case you were wondering why I'd be at school on a Sunday) Hope you enjoy!

Smells like Teen Spirit


You know when you wake up and the second you glance at your reflection you just know it's a bad hair day? For me, that was today. So that being said, I instantly grabbed my trusty beanie who's been my best friend the past couple of days as if it was second nature. 



Even though it is Wednesday, I'm completely drained and progressively attempting to transition back to the whole high school scene. School elections have started and of course, every wall in sight is crowded with cheesy flyers that range from Macklemore to Les Miserables. Unnecessary, yes. But it's definitely interesting to look at! So with that being said, my friend Alison plopped me in front of them for my daily outfit pic (:

School of Rock

Spring Runway Beauty Trends

1 Dress 2 Looks

Spring Trends 2013

Fashion Trends 2013 Spring/Summer

Top trends of 2012 part 2


Top trends of 2012 part 2
1. Collar-tip Button down: Collared shirts with interesting details create the most refreshing effects to this classic piece
2. Statement Necklace: The peter pan shape and its sparkly details easily become the center of everyone's attention for any girl's night out
3. Pastels & Sheer: Pastels were featured repeatedly in the Spring/Summer runways. Sheer pieces transformed outfits to a cooler and more effortless look.
4. Galaxy Print: Specifically leggings, this print dominated the wardrobe of a rebellious and hipster wild child.
5. Leather-sleeved Jacket: Leather pieces create toughness..even if its just on the sleeves!
6.  Skulls: This trend was found through earrings, graphic tees and even back cutouts 
7. Loafers:This preppy and convenient shape can be seen with studs, baroque details, and alluring prints. You can pair them with a pair of skinnies or a fancy dress!

Top trends of 2012 part 1

Top trends of 2012 part 1

1. Peplum Silhouette:  whether it's a top, dress, or skirt, Peplum's been a tremendous hit. The unexpected hybrid of elegance and glamour can really evolve a seemingly boring outfit.
2. Flower Crown: It adds the perfect touch of ethearlness to a feminine chic look.
3. Cross: This symbol has pervaded numerous shops with a hipster vibe.
4. High-waisted Denim Shorts: This trend is EVERYWHERE. (dip-dyed, studded, worn out, upcycled...the list goes on)
5. High-Low Silhouette: Mainly seen in a skirt silhouette, this adds a great trompe l'oeil effect. The colorful print is perfect for the summer/spring season!
6. Studded Iphone Case: studs have been a prominent trend of 2012. Studding cases adds edginess especially to this beautiful mint color. (my absolute fave!)